Peer Pressure

This is a tag from Smek This (click on his name in the comment field- i hope he leaves a comment, LOL!). The title of this entry stems from the fact that I felt pressured to do his tag right at this very moment to save the faces of the remaining 96,061,679 (July 2008 est) Filipinos from his sweeping generalization about our habit of putting things off for tomorrow. While it is indeed true that majority of Filipinos have that habit, which (we thought) we inherited from the Spaniards, which we call mañana habit, extrapolating this behavior solely from me is incorrect. You see my friends (á la McCain, hahaha!), I have time and again promised on this blog that I will write about this and that or do this and that, then ending up doing it after a million years or not at all. In my case, it is not mañana habit. It is what you call prioritizing, dude. How can I win my Nobel if I don’t prioritize my work? Ok, I’m not saying you don’t prioritize correctly. I’m just not that kind of prolific blogger like you. Before you mis-read everything, I want to categorically say that I am not pissed off. I just want to justify why my concept of time in cyberspace, or specically in the blogging world follows an aspect of Einstein’s special theory of relativity, the time dilation phenomenon

Ok, without much further ado, here is the tag. 

The tag is about using the symbol @ as a verb. The original title is “5 things I @”. Smek This’ @ was a give away.Then you have to guess what this @ means. This reminds me of this Sony Ericsson symbol in their ads. Anyway, I use my @ perhaps not as a verb, but a part of a compound verb (?). Any grammar police out there? I was never good with the English grammar (just read my blog entries!). Maybe we should ask my brilliant doctor-writer and long-lost acquaintance way back at the Diliman Republic and now a recent Reyna Elena groupie, Doc Meloinks. (Warning: Don’t read his blog if you don’t want to feel insecure about your english writing skills.) Seriously, drop him a visit. He will buy me a beer for every click you make to his link. Hahaha!

Alright, here is my tag. (Finally!!!)

I am @ to Rubik’s cube:

I am @ to lab work: (if you’ve done some mol bio stuff, you know what those yellow racks are for. i eat one of those for breakfast!)

I am @ to caffeine:

I am @ to Yoggi: (It is a drink yoghurt. Breakfast of busy people!)

Finally, I am @ to watching Shaun The Sheep:

Boy, I can’t stop whistling the theme song!

Thanks again to Smek This for this tag!  

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16 Responses to Peer Pressure

  1. Det där inlägget förstod jag inte mycket av min vän, troligen handlar det om saker jag inte begriper mig på:-) Men första delen fattade jag ju och kan trösta dig med att det gäller mig och min blogg också, kommer på och påbörjar en massa men kommer liksom inte i mål…

  2. Smek this! says:

    Hey, man, thanks for the reply! You and Hairy were much more clever than me. BTW, my ‘tomorrow’ post was coincidental; I had forgotten all about the 5-thing tag. So, eventually you got to add 1 plus 1 before I did 🙂 Sorry for the grief I may have put you and your people through. That was not my intention. Just a harmless joke. I can remove the reference to you if you wish. Right now I’m not sure if you are truly annoyed or just doing a TIC imitation of being annoyed. Please let me know!Sure I understand you’re busy. First things first and so on. I wish I were more busy at work too, because let’s face it, surfing in the net isn’t that much fun. Blogging helps a little though, but it may lead to bad taste sometimes.One thing to think about still: Nobel prize winners are remembered for a while, but the stuff you put in the Internet, they will stay there forever, LOL!

    • MOGLI says:

      It was TIC of course! No offense taken man. That thing about immortality in the internet which you mentioned is something I am afraid of. I am perhaps among the most liberal-minded person you’ve ever encountered. My views on certain things will surely put me in trouble someday.

  3. reyna elena says:

    leche! hahaha! pramis! i did not read his blog hahaha! i just memorized the words hahaha!

    • MOGLI says:

      Haha! Thanks for visiting him. He will be delighted to see you drop by. He thought you are one cool girl! LOL! He made a really excellent summing up of your subprime entry!

  4. Anonymous says:

    awhoooo.happy halloween!

  5. pusa says:

    happy halloween pusa@manila LOL 😀

  6. chuvaness says:

    What’s your best time? I’ll race you. charing lang hehehe i can only complete one side of the cube LOL parang battlestar galactica yung desktop hahaps, i also put my systray on the right side of my jurassic monitorenjoy the halloween, bords!

    • MOGLI says:

      best time? pag-blindfold? hehehe. naks naman! something in common pala natin yung nasa right side ng monitor ang systray. soulmate nga yata tayo,,,yihiii! LOL! happy halloween rin!

  7. Det är egentligen ganska enkelt, stäng av TV:n och ransonera msn och liknande dator-relaterade aktiviteter (bloggande räknas inte), de är riktiga tidstjuvar! Tro nu inte att jag lever helt som jag lär. Men jag har kommit en bit på väg och hinner därför med en del böcker.

  8. Anonymous says:

    hehehe. it would be rude to refer to reyna otherwise. 🙂 hey thanks mogli for the words but i need money. 🙂 and the free beer you promised.

  9. jolt cola was once here in manila. are you familiar of red bull cola?

  10. MOGLI says:

    @the PDI: nope, haven’t heard of that red bull variant. the free beer you’ll get when we meet again! Is Sarah’s at KNL still around? Haven’t been back at the Dil Rep in a million years.

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