Blonde or Brunette?

Unlike my blog-buddy Smek This, I do like beer.

There is this one little pub somewhere in Gothenburg where I usually hang out with friends. The place is that kind with mellow ambiance frequented by people with calm disposition. A perfect watering hole any day of the week.    

But what draws me to this particular pub (aside from their charming lady bartenders) is their selection of beer. Quite international I would say for such a tiny establishment. There is this belgian abbey beer, called Leffe that I got hooked to drinking whenever we are there. Now among the variants of this brand are Blonde and Brune, the latter having three times malt content, and therefore darker than the former. Blonde, as the name implies has that glowing, golden colour typical of pale ales.

The great thing when ordering this beer, if the bartender is sort of familiar with your previous orders, you just say, “En blonde, tack!” or “En brune, tack!” meaning, “A blond please!” or “A brunette please!”.

Now, incidentally or not, there are two lady bartenders at the place, and you guessed right, one is blonde and one is brunette. As I am a man of old-fashioned breeding, taught to please the opposite sex without favouring anyone, or hurting anybody’s feelings, I’m always faced with a dilemma when I order Leffe. So, despite the differences in tastes of these two Leffes, I make sure I order one from each of the lady bartenders. Might sound cheesy but I tremendously enjoy the sweet smiles and winks I get from them. Sure I always spend twice as much and of course it is part of their trick. But who cares! Despite my special powers, I’m still human! LOL!

And I was such a loyal customer that they made a special Leffe glass for me:

As the swedes say, “Skål!!!”

Disclaimer: This is NOT a paid advertisement. Drink moderately.

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13 Responses to Blonde or Brunette?

  1. Smek this! says:

    Nice story. It almost makes me want to grab a beer, but almost. After 12 years of “banta”, I might consider of having a pint. And, yes, mentioning my blog wasn’t paid either 🙂 Thanks, man! Kippis! (cheers in Finnish)

    • MOGLI says:

      A pint of beer every now and then shouldn’t hurt! The leffe blond is described as reminiscent of a red bourdeux and goes well with red meat! Have a glass and kippis, mate!

  2. Smek this! says:

    (unnecessary continuation:) You should have used small ‘l’ instead of capital ‘L’ in Mogli. Now it gave you away: Big L is different from Leffe logo! A nice try though 🙂

  3. Absolut, Loe kan göra vilken mörk höstdag som helst betydligt ljusare!:-)Om du gillar öl så är ju även Delirium ett trevlgt ställe…

  4. RennyBA says:

    Your such a gentleman! I prefer Blond (when it comes to beer), when it comes to Ladies, you can never judge from the collar of their hair :lol:Also; I also drink Leffe when in Belgium and the very often have charming servants too ;-)Btw: Good to see you back in Blogsphere again!

  5. Smek this! says:

    You have been tagged 🙂

  6. emily says:

    dito na lng akuh magreply.. thanks for dropping by! wala akong nakitang pinoy dun sa riga?! kakaiba!sure hope it’s not rumpan nor respekt bar.. hehenice to read ur entries again.. ;o velkommen tilbake

  7. Svensk says:

    Blonde means nothing in Swedish, however blond means blond, but not as in “a blond” (meaning a blond girl), it just refers to the hair color but not to a girl with that hair color. If you wanna say that in Swedish the right word would be blondin, meaning a blond girl. As for brune, it doesn’t mean anything in Swedish either. Brun however means literally brown. If you want to say brunette in Swedish say the same thing as in English except for the vowel U which is pronounced differently in Swedish, I wish I could tell you how it is pronounced but that’s sort of like explaining the rules of the tennis ATP-tours to someone who doesn’t even know the rules of tennis.I’m sorry if I came off as offensive and rude, that was not my intention I simply corrected a linguistic fault, which happened to be that of yours.

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