More on Poverty, Population, and the Right to Fuck for Pleasure

A documentary was shown last night in the Swedish channel TV2 entitled Manila’s Forgotten Children, produced by a French filmmaker by the name of Olivier Delacroix.

Having seen first hand the appalling living condition in Manila’s slum area, I was not anymore surprised by what I saw. But moved, I still was.


Who wouldn’t be? With such scenarios of big families living under highway bridges, garbage dumpsites, public cemeteries and sidewalks. I was particularly moved by the picture of an infant amongst its elder siblings sleeping peacefully by the side of a busy road.

The then Mayor of Manila, Lito Atienza who is a devout catholic, has opposed any form of sex education program-all the city’s health centers during his term never promoted family planning programs involving contraception. In the documentary, he argued that all the laws he was implementing in the City were all “pro-life”.

My question is what the fuck is pro-life with people living in extreme poverty and miserable conditions? One young mother of eight lamented the lack of information about family planning. The church only approve of what they call as “natural” methods. In a separate interview with one Philippine Archbishop Oscar Cruz, on the question, “What is the Church’s basis for rejecting artificial methods of contraception?”

An excerpt of his reply was, “The Church is not promoting anything new or anything invented. It is only saying that, Please, respect nature because if you violate nature, nature will fight back…” Essentially, he was arguing that sex is purely for conception. He further said, “…nature is violated as far as contraceptives are concerned. That is fighting nature. Why? Because nature says when man and woman consummate their marriage, it is possible that pregnancy could happen.”

Hey, Mr. Archbishop! Explain first how “natural” is the practice of celibacy among catholic priests before you preach about how two consenting adults should carry on with their sex lives. You see nature definitely fought back in those hundreds of cases of pedophile catholic priests all over the world! You know why? Because we, humans just like any sexually-reproducing species on this planet, evolved to fuck.

And that is the natural order of things.

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2 Responses to More on Poverty, Population, and the Right to Fuck for Pleasure

  1. Smek this! says:

    Yes, it’s strange, isn’t it? Evolution doesn’t seem to reach catholic church, even this century. The most important job the church could do, is to help poor people. Noble (not Nobel but it could be 🙂 speeches don’t help that much.Just give the poor all the rubbers they need. It would be an investment for the future. If they refuse to wear it, then the church can shrug their shoulders, I guess?

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