On Old People’s Memory

When my grandfather was still alive, he used to reminisce vivid details of the war days like it happened yesterday. But ask him what he had for lunch and he wouldn’t remember.

I guess that’s one of the mysteries of the human mind.

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5 Responses to On Old People’s Memory

  1. Smek this! says:

    There are simply so much more what-if’s in war reminiscing than in your previous lunch!

  2. mogLi says:

    @Smek This: Good point!

  3. meloinks says:

    tol, puro dot.se dito e.does “se” stand for senegal? X-Dikaw ba to jonas?

  4. Hello my friend, nice to see you’re back here again!I agree, some of the celebs must have ghost-writers helping them, that’s the only explanaton that makes sense…:-)Will make sure you get a copy when (not if) I finish my first book!

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