3 things about PC’s that bug you most

Here is a tag from a nice blog mate, Smek This, that Finnish computer dude who blogs about his ups and downs after his move from Finland to Sweden. I need to do this now, as this tag has an expiration date, which is on February 2008. I think that’s a brilliant innovation by Smek to give an expiration date to a tag. That way, the tag somehow stays fresh! (Ok, I apologize to the other tags in the pipeline for giving priority to this one.)

So here are three things about PC’s that bug me most (I must say that Smek’s list annoys me as well but I wanted to come up with something original, so bear with me if you find this list a bit far-fetched):

1. Ctrl-Alt-Del.
   It is a well-known fact that PCs need re-booting most of the all the time. Or at least you need ctrl-alt-del to kill “hanging” programs via the Task Manager. Why couldn’t this re-booting key combination be much simpler, such that it could be executed by only one hand, say the left hand? How about Ctrl-Alt-Shift? Or just Ctrl-Alt? What the heck? How about just one key, like the one below the Esc key? In my swedish keyboard it is this ½ or § key. Some might argue that a single key is prone to accidental activation. But come on,  what’s the probability of your  pinky accidentally hitting that key up there? And how often do you use § or ½? What does this § mean anyway? Anyone, please google it for me!

2.  Ctrl-F / Search
    You know you got this file somewhere there. You just can’t remember where. You open a folder. Then you search in all directories, from A to Z, just to be sure. You fill in all the options, keywords, what kind of file, how large, etc, etc. The dog (or whatever is your helper animation there starts doing stuffs, apparently trying to entertain you while you wait). You wait a million years. And you get, “Search is complete. There are no results to display.” What the ???

Pdf files are the worst to look for. I don’t know but something is not right with the search algorithm of the windows platform. I guess it’s very heuristic. I tried google desktop search but it consumes way too much memory and I eventually uninstalled it. This is the reason why I tend to put all the files I currently work with in/on the desktop. LOL!

3. Media Codecs
    You’ve waited forever downloading a porno clip. (Admit it, hehehe!) You open it in windows media player. You hear all the violent moans. But you see nothing! Or you see everything but you hear nothing. Total turn off, right? (You wrap up your night watching youtube clips instead.)

Of course, I have VLC installed for all those illegal downloads which windows media player cannot handle. What’s annoying is when windows ask you whether you want it to search for the proper audio/video codec out there, and then finds none. Ok, if it knows there are still uninstalled codecs out there, why can’t it have them from the beginning, or at least include these in the regular windows update?

Alrighty, the above list may not really be well-thought. If you have suggestions to reduce the annoyance factor I get from the above list, you’re welcome to leave a comment or two.

Lastly, this tag is supposed to be passed to only ONE blogger, “so that it wouldn’t spread like a virus,” according to the originator, Smek This.

And now, after much deliberation, the unfortunate soul to whom I’m passing this tag is, dyan-dya-raaannn:


I’m curious how she’d be able to make this “nerdy” tag extra funny and interesting, as she is really,really, really famous in the whole cyberspace for her sense of humour. Remember Bords, this tag expires on February 2008! Do it! Now na!!! Hahaha! (Pressssuuree!)

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9 Responses to 3 things about PC’s that bug you most

  1. reyna elena says:

    HAHAHA!!!Can you add one more? UNPLUG THE CORD AND TAKE THE BATTERY OUT! hahaha!!!Uyyyy! Si Chuvaness ang ti-nag! hahaha!! ~~tweet~~ ~~tweet~~ !!! hahahaa

  2. malen says:

    *NOSEBLEED*SHOCKS BORDS!!! ANG HIRAP NG TAG NA TOOO!”she is really,really, really famous in the whole cyberspace for her sense of humour”HAHHHAHAHAH….i-edit mo..mas mganda sana kung ganito:”she is really,really, really famous in the whole cyberspace for her BEAUTY”BWAAHAHAHHAHHAHA

  3. Smek this! says:

    Thanks for a nice continuance! And prioritizing this over other just as important tags :)I have a quick help to your number one bugging:Ctrl+Alt Gr+Delete. You can do it on your right hand. That’s what I’ve been using ever since I found it out. Is it too nerdish to use it, you decide…Admitting, your number three is very annoying. It’s like Media player wouldn’t want to admit that it just can’t help you. It has to pretend trying to find the missing codec. And it never finds it!

  4. joy says:

    Yes, I agree! Chuvaness is indeed cyber famous!I think basically I get annoyed with PC’s when they don’t work or crash just when it’s the last thing you need. Hey, thanks for dropping by A Pinay In England. Do swing by again!joyYour Love CoachThe Goddess In You

  5. cheh says:

    May favoritism ata pag tatag dito hahaha labsyu manay ever! Mogs,wag mong masyadong banggitin yang gagol na yan!! May nahahayblad! ako!! hahahaha dyok

  6. mogli says:

    cheh: Hehehe,,,favoritism ba! Hayaan mo, next time I get a similar tag, ikaw lang ang i ta-tag ko! Hahaha! Ooopss..cge will edit out yang gagol na yan laters!
    joy: Sure, thanks rin for dropping by! I don’t know if you’ve noticed but you’re already in my The 300 list.
    Smek: Great suggestion! Didn’t know that shortcut. Still a bit cumbersome for me anyway as my right never leaves the mus,,,i mean the mouse! Hahaha!
    @Malen: Bords, I assumed your account at work has something to do with PC troubleshooting kaya I thought this tag fits you. Well, as I commented in your blog, feel free NOT to do this. Hehehehe…I’ll edit that description soon.
    @ReynaElena: Why didn’t I think of that! That’s the ultimate reboot of course! Hahaha! Aba, nang intriga pa! LOL!

  7. I would just like to take on the role of smug Mac owner and say (in the manner of Nelson Muntz) – “Ha Ha!”

  8. mogli says:

    @Chris: Good one, Chris. Good one! But I believe you guys are just too smug to also admit many of mac’s shortcomings? LOL!

  9. Zhu says:

    Yep, codecs are a big pain in the butt. Hate these little stuffs!

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