Most Useless CAPTCHA In The Whole Universe

This bloggportal, Metrobloggen, probably has the lamest CAPTCHA in the cyberspace.

CAPTCHA by the way, stands for:

Turing test to tell
Computers and

When you post a comment in this blog, you are asked to fill some four letters in the dialogue box similar to the one shown in the right.

In this entry, I explained why I decided to have this feature in my blog. Unfortunately the spam comments in this particular entry entitled, “Just Do It!” continued unabated. In fact there has been no change in the frequency of the spams.

Commenting as it is, can already be a burden to you my dear readers so I’ll just remove this lame metrobloggen CAPTCHA to ease your inconvenience. And I will stop manually removing those spams from that blog entry as I also got extremely tired of it. Could be a good idea to remove that entry but in retrospect, it is better that this particular spammer is wreaking havoc kinda’ isolated in that post.

It would be nice if there’s a CAPTCHA plug in that is similar to this in the Quantum Random Bit Generator sign up page where you would be faced with this kind of challenge:

And of course, the nerd in me registered just for the heck of it! And if you luckily pass the test you’d get to use their service of generating true randomness and get your own user page.

Now, isn’t that cool or what?

PS. I must confess that I have forgotten all my college calculus and I needed to reload the sign up page to get a much, much easier question like this:


Now please test the comment field without that Most Useless CAPTCHA In The Whole Universe.

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11 Responses to Most Useless CAPTCHA In The Whole Universe

  1. Yep, you could screen for intelligent readers!

  2. malen says:

    BOrds, edit mo na lang yun entry mo..take out the ‘fuckin’ thing there and replace it with ‘freakin’ ‘fakin’ ‘fookin’ or whatever…prone yata talaga sa spam yung mga ganun keywordsows! purbida man jud yang CALCULUS na captcha bords…wag ka maglalagay dito nyan dahil hinde na ko makaka-balik ditooooooo…nosebleed!!!

  3. Zhu says:

    I’m not a maths person. Please, don’t change your Captcha! I could never ever solve that. Seriously!

  4. mogLi says:

    @Zhu: Nope, I won’t do anything like that to alienate my blog friends! 😀
    @Malen: Thanks for the sajestment Bords! Will try that trick. Naku ikaw pa, ang prinsesa ng encryption echos! Kayang kaya mo kahit anong captcha ‘no! Hahaha!
    @Chris: Hehehe…I think that is the main reason of that random generator site. To be sure that people registering actually know what they are going to do with their random numbers!

  5. Smek This! says:

    Good news! I hated that anyway. Sometimes I had to write the letters twice. Of course I’m blaming the system, not my ability to raed! 🙂

  6. mogLi says:

    @Smek : I also hate CAPTCHAs in general. Zhu and a lot of our blog friends here actually don’t use one but they rely on trusted I.P. management. That is, you will be scanned only the first time you comment, but afterwards your IP will be recognized and you can comment without being evaluated first. Unfortunately, we don’t have much freedom here in this blog portal. For ex, just putting the simple a href html tag here in the comment section is disabled.

  7. Smek this! says:

    Greetings, Mogli!For some reason a couple of my latest posts have been removed in my blog. I’m so pissed-off about it that I’ll stop blogging if Metro can’t revive them. Maybe it doesn’t seem like it, but I have my 100% in it there.This is just to tell you the reason why it’s not happening anything in my blog… Will write Hairy Swede too. Ha det bra!!!

  8. You’re right! Thanks for your nice kind & gentle words! It means a lot to me. You’re the best – as usual – Mogli! 😀 Hope everything is fine with you. Merry X-mas & Happy New Year by the way!I´m trying very hard to forget about him, and it’s giving results but it takes time… The thing is that he often is online on the MSN chat, but I´m thinking about to remove him from my list. However, IF I found the true love this year, you´ll be the first I´ll tell it to 😀 thanks and I hope true love is comming along your way aswell. Take care ;D /Your friend Mysticá

  9. This contribution was so smart! I didn’t even think about “metros CAPTCHA”. Do I have such stuff when you post a comment in my blog? Do you know how to remove it? It’s so much better without that code.Nice mathematic by the way ;D I guess it’s math D I´ve studied or probably math E. Cool that you’ve been in so many contries by the way, thats amazing – you’ve almost been in the whole world! (I saw that on your “Visitor locations – map” to the right 🙂

  10. mogLi says:

    @Mystica: No, the setting in your blog’s comment field is set to “granska kommentaren innan publicering” or something like that, so the comments in your blog don’t appear until after you have read and approved them. You can change these settings somewhere in the profile. And by the way, the flags/map in the sidebar indicates the location of people visiting this blog. Oh how I wish I could visit as many countries!
    @Smek this!: That bug sucks big time! I am in fact creating a back up blog at wordpress just in case this blog disappears! Luckily I don’t have that much entry to copy from here. The sad thing would be all the valuable comments!

  11. Raggoparden says:

    Guess Why I leaved the metroblogg? Yess..You heard me… I left the metroblogg! Now im floating around in the endless bloggosphere just by myself.. Remeber to change your link, whata distaster if you lost track of me..;)

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