Back ‘Em Up!

Early October this year, the computer of a PhD student at Upsala University (somewhere north of Stockholm) was stolen. In the hard disk was six years of blood, sweat and tears, or simply, research work. I was then meaning to blog about it, as I in fact saved that particular news clip from Upsala Nya Tidning:

It says, “Six Years of research disappeared when computer was stolen.” So it went that there was a break-in robbery in the institure where she was sitting and her computer, which she thought was too old to be taken, was stolen. She was to defend her thesis next year, but with all the research data, analyses and results gone, she was not sure if she’d still be able to do that. She was of course devastated and declared that she’d just perhaps quit her studies and be a cashier in some local supermarket.  

Somehow I forgot about her story until I read in Sydsvenskan today about a master’s student in Lund University (this time in the south of Sweden) whose laptop was stolen from his apartment while he was away for the holiday break.

The headline says,”His computer is stolen, and five years of studies are gone.”
The poor guy is taking up industrial design studies and is just about to defend his master’s thesis. All his portfolio, photographs, digital materials and most importantly his project work done at NASA were gone.

My first reaction to these kind of news is naturally, sincere sympathy to these unfortunate individuals. I do really hope they get back at least those valuable data.

At the back of my head however lingers that accusing mind, wondering how on earth is it possible for these apparently smart people not to make a back up of those important files?

The guy in the latter case claims that he has an external hard disk, which is broken and of no use so he couldn’t save anything in it. (Hello? Of course, if it is broken, you won’t be able to save anything in it. Buy a new one!) The girl in the first news has a worse excuse in that she was claiming that her computer was so old no one would be interested in stealing it. Well, the thief proved her wrong! The amazing thing was that prior to the theft of her computer, the institute she belongs to already had two break-in robberies.

If you are a person working with digital files, and you’d rather not loose them no matter what, it is indeed common sense that you make back up copies of those files. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out, right? Sure, hindsight is always 20/20 but backing up files in the computer age is as obvious as flushing the toilet after shitting. Don’t tell me you don’t flush, huh?

Okay, to prove that I’m putting my money where my mouth is, I can tell you that  all the research data contained in my work computer have at least three back ups.
One is in a dedicated back up server in a separate physical location where I work. The second is in my personal laptop. And the third is in an external hard disk. And I should add that never at any single time has ALL these units can be found in one place.

Aside from those back ups, I have DVD copies of extremely important files. Even my 2 Gb USB contains a number of Briefcase folders which are essentially back ups of files I’m currently working on.

Now call me paranoid but I’d rather not loose my precious data which in the future will give me the real Nobel Prize in Whatever! LOL!

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9 Responses to Back ‘Em Up!

  1. malen says:

    CONGRATS BORDS sa NOBEL PRIZE. naniniwala ako sa powers mo. Year of the LAB RAT ngayon. LOLFor a while akala ko, paid advertisement. Hahahhao sya makapag BACK UP na nga rin — NG BLOG!!! wahahhahaHAPPY NEW YEAR!

  2. cheh says:

    jus kow!! bat nga alang back up ang mga yun!! na sobrahan ata sa talino,lolinday malen back up mo rin pls heheHappy New Year Mogs!:)

  3. reyna elena says:

    MOGLI!!! Wishing you, your family, friends and readers a very happy new year!!!!!!

  4. Jag läste om om hon i Uppsala med. Tänkte bara en sak: Pucko!! Lät vara efterklok men ärligt talat får hon skylla sg själv lite… Jaja…Se till att gå in och lyssna på världspremiären av Två Blåa Ögons poppärla “From the bright side” som nu finns på All Ears…Önskar dig en god fortsättning!

  5. Smek This! says:

    These news are good! Every time I read one of these, I think: Oh, J’s, I haven’t backed-up this and that! They are good reminders for me. I use to backup everything too, but sometimes there’s a gap between, when there is no backup made yet. That gap scares me sometimes.PS. Handy man, you! As TV broadcasts old re-runs during these holidays, you find your old blogs that didn’t make it. Until now, that is 🙂

  6. mogLi says:

    @Smek This!: True, that’s the bright side of these unfortunate events! A “nice” reminder for everyone to back up. Yeah, I have a number of unpublished entries such as this,,,which have become too old they lost their relevance. But history repeats itself anyway and I’m sure I’ll get to blog them one day.
    @TvåBlåaÖgon: God fortsättning med! Ska kolla din låt strax på AllEars. *spännande*
    @ReynaElena: Thanks Reynz! Same to you and your loved ones!
    @cheh and malen: I’m sure sangkaterba back ups ng precious blogs nyo! Hahaha! Pinyuyir mga magagandang bloginding! LOL!

  7. AL says:

    Godt nytt år!!!!pasensya na di ako nakakapagblog lately. Daing hurdles.

  8. RennyBA says:

    A hard way to learn a lesson – hopefully there will not be any next time!Wishing you a great 2008 or Godt Nytt År 🙂

  9. mogLi says:

    @RennyBA: This is definitely one mistake they’d never forget! Thanks for the wishes! I wish you the same!
    @AL: Was just in your blog and fully understand your situation. I really appreciate your visit here despite all. I wish you and your family a much, much better year!

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