Curiosity Saved The Cat

I accidentally dropped my four year-old Fujitsu-Simens laptop last Sunday as I was boarding a train on my way back to Göteborg from a meeting with some bureaucrats held at Norra Latin at the City Conference Center in Stockholm. Don’t ask me for details how I managed to surrender a 2-kg  object to the force of gravity, but I can tell you it is difficult to hold on to more than five objects at the same time with only a pair of hands.

Most of the times, I indeed wish I were equipped with as many appendages as the Hindu supreme goddess Durga.

Anyways, I discovered right away in the train that my laptop wouldn’t boot to completion. It gave me the infamous bluescreen before emitting eerie beeps signifying its intention to join the laptop purgatory, the final (un)resting place for laptops with indeterminate ills.

Luckily, I was able to glimpse from the blue screen something about the thermal sensor.

And so instead of using my social climbing skills in the X2000 train, I spent the three hours of travel contemplating what to do with my laptop.

Upon arriving home, I was still debating with myself whether to pry open the laptop or not. I reasoned that the warranty has expired a long time ago anyway, so why not? On the other hand, if I mess up big time, it will not only give me unnecessary costs but also the remote possibility of my data being lost.

Finally, as I was itching to update this blog, I reached the stupid brave decision of trying to find out what was wrong with the thermal sensor. I guessed that the thermal sensor must have something to do with the system that is cooling the main processor so I should focus on that part of the laptop where the cooling fan is.

Slowly, I worked on screws which I was sure are holding the laptop shell together.

It was nerve-wracking to pry open the plastic shell as it seemed quiet brittle and would snap in the slightest use of force. Seeing the insides of something that has given you all sorts of emotions for the first time was quiet an epiphanous event, a mix of nervousness and excitment about more unexpected things to find out. I was surprised that the keyboard interior was cleaner than I imagined it would be. After four years of  systematically dropping bread crumbs, chips, drops of coffee, beverages and other fluids onto it , I was expecting some kind of advanced life-forms already residing in the nooks of the laptop keyboard.

I proceeded dissecting the laptop and as you can see on the picture to the left, I was carefully placing down the screws on a white paper such that the positions correspond from where I removed them from the laptop. As I was doing this, I was like, “Damn, Mogli, you are so smart to figure that out! You really deserve that fuckin’ Nobel Prize!”

Seeing the complexity of the insides, I momentarily hesitated to proceed before finally conceding to that curious part of me saying, “Dig deeper, Mogli! You’re almost there!” And I did.

There is the heart of it all! The brain of contention in all its naked glory. I noticed right away that the contact between the cooling unit and the processor was a bit loose, due of course to that accidental fall. There was a paste-like material in-between which seemed to enhance heat conduction so I just spread that a little bit more on the processor before assembling back the cooling unit.

And painstakingly, I worked my way back in putting the laptop together again as  it was before. Nevertheless, despite my Nobel-prize winning idea of neatly-placed screws on a white paper, the proverbial left-over screw appeared out of nowhere! Oh no!

But it was getting really late and I was extremely tired and hungry so I was like “Screw it!”

And to my utmost delight, my battered laptop rose from the valleys of the dead:

And here I am celebrating its new lease of life with this looooonnnggg winded entry!

As for that proverbial screw, you’ll know it gave me a problem when I don’t update this blog again for more than a week.

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20 Responses to Curiosity Saved The Cat

  1. malen says:

    HAhaha. Nabuhay na magmuli!!! WOW BORDS! Ang galing mooo!! Good thing you fixed it! Pwede ka na sanang service man. Hahaha. Smart idea yun cocomban, pang NOBEL PRIZE NGAAAA.LOL All the best to yah and your laptop!

  2. cheh says:

    wow mogli! you’re a genius! Indeed, you deserve more than tha nobel price:D

  3. Smek This! says:

    Detective Smek from CSI is working on this case now. One of the screws has been deliberately planted in your laptop so that it would eventually break the machine. It’s the one that doesn’t fit perfectly to any screw holes. I guess you found it.Det. Smek can see also a reflection of Mogli in one of your pictures. With CSI techics I can magnify it so that it can be as good as your driving license. Hell, better! I can’t reveal your picture here without blurry pixels on your face but all I can say is that you look like having it intimate with a lion :)And finally, det. Smek suspects a conspiracy here. The pictures were taken in different order. To prove it look at the Mogli’s laptop in the ‘last’ pic. It has the previous post as the latest, not the ‘Curiosity’ post! So it must’ve been taken first. Easy as pie! Then Mogli has opened his laptop and given it up. Then he has taken it to a service with a helping hand. Hands actually.Take this man out of my sight, det. Smek has solved the case. Give him a Nobel prize, but not after he’s served some time. This cunning man can fool anyone, except me. But, Mogli, the truth shall set you free! LOL (very much so)

  4. Carro says:

    It would really be good to have more than two arms sometimes =P. It is good that you managed to fix it so you can continue writing in your blog cause you are really good at it I must say. Yeah I know I have been gone a while – it is hard to write when you don’t have internet but now I am back in business, thanks. Hope you have a good day and don’t drop your computer more =P

  5. mogLi says:

    @Carro: I’m also glad you were back! Thanks for finding your way here again. No, I won’t drop my computer again. LOL.
    @Smek: Hahaha! Fascinating insight. Now I really must confess that everything was a hoax. NOT. ;P
    @cheh: I know!!! Would you believe I won the Most Humble Award when I was in the kindergarten? hahaha,,,,wonder what has happened to me.
    @malen: Thanks Bords! Kung may problema computer mo, send it here and I’ll make butingting. hehehe…

  6. mogLi says:

    @Smek: After reading some comments on HairySwede’s post, I now think you are indeed watching too much TV! Hahaha!

  7. Smek This! says:

    Thanks, Mogli, but what is ‘too much’ and, especially pointing at you, what is ‘TV’? :)The fact that you dropped your laptop has nothing to do with breaking it. It was just a pure coincidende. In det. Smek’s words: I rest my case. TIC

  8. kimberly says:

    Boy are you brave or what for tearing that thing apart? Your as bad as my hubby..just open it up! must be a pinoy

  9. Anonymous says:

    Nice! I don’t think I’d have the guts to open my laptop, even “just to have a look”. I don’t even dare cleaning the keyboard even though I have a pretty cool tutorial on how to do it properly for laptops.Glad the laptop is back on its feet 😉 Don’t forget to backup your data just in case of anyway!

  10. mogLi says:

    @ : Yep, in fact while I was writing this entry, I was at the same time backing up all my files in my external HD. Thanks for the concern! 🙂
    @Kimberly: Hehehe,,,there could be some truth in that! It’s perhaps in our gene pool. Or simply just a guy thing…oops, feminists hate such kind of generalization but honestly i have yet to meet someone with the XX chromosome opening up some electronic gadget just for the heck of it!
    @Smek: Dude, I concede. No more arguments with you on this. LOL. 😛

  11. crackgrrl says:

    Damn dude! You are some computer geek!

  12. Thank you dear! I was so happy too but then it went straight to hell yesterday. 😦 I wrote about it today and now I cant stop crying because it disn’t work out with him. I don’t even belive in “love at first sight” but there he was and I thougt that he was The One. I was wrong. And it hurts so bad….

  13. This is such a ‘guy’ thing to do! *HAHA* I had a friend whose TV didn’t work and he did exactly the same thing! Opened, it took it apart and put it back together. He left out a couple of screws but it worked thereafter! Amazing amazing!

  14. Well done! I’ve had to take apart and fix my boss’s iBook a couple of times now. I quite enjoy it 😉

  15. maluca says:

    Found my way back to your writing. Finally! // maluca

  16. Japp, mammor är bra att ha!

  17. Smek This! says:

    Sorry, this is not the best-fitting forum for this, but I had an idea with Hairy Swede about improving comment section in Metrobloggen.I would like to hear Mogli’s and others’ opinion about this one. Just click my link, I put it a direct link there. It’s close to emphasized text, shouldn’t be too difficult to find. Thanks for reading this, Mogli and his readers are good people 😉

  18. mogLi says:

    @Smek This: That is indeed a great idea! Maybe both of us can make a post about it so Metrobloggen will take notice?
    @Fröken Harritz: Sure, mammor är alltid bäst! 😀
    @Maluca: Thanks! I was afraid I lost one of my treasured readers. 😉 I myself haven’t been able to do some regular blog-hopping these days but I’ll try to make up for that soon!
    @Chris: Wow,,,your boss DO really trust you, huh !?! If I can only convince mine…hehehe.
    @Cheryl: Another proof that this must really be a guy thing…LOL.
    @AnnaElisabeth: Oh I’m so sorry to hear about it, dear… 😦
    @crackgrrl: You bet! And the geeks shall inherit the earth! Bwahahaha! *evil laugh*

  19. Smek This! says:

    Yeah, let’s make a riot! Your 1000000 visitors and my 800, that’s an impressive number combined! LOL

  20. mogLi says:

    @Smek This: Oh man, you are flattering me! It’s not one million…my counter says it’s ONLY 500,000 monthly unique visitors. Hahaha!

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