Lie, For Your Tooth’s Sake!!!

Today’s amusing newsclip from Sweden, brought to you by PunktSE, is about a man who got punched in the face for guessing the wrong age of a woman he met in a bar. I saw this in Metro the other day but this one is more detailed.

The story goes that two ladies were hanging out in a pub here in Göteborg when they met a couple of guys inside. One of the women [flirtfully, I can imagine] asked one guy to guess her age. When he replied, “45”, the woman who is actually only 33 years old went ballistic and gave the poor man a straight right on the face. It must have been a hefty punch as one tooth flew off his mouth!


So, my dear friends, if you are a woman and you really look like 45 when in fact you are much younger, never ever ask a man who looks too stupid or too drunk to be so brutally honest. Now if you are a guy and finds yourself in this very unusual situation (as no woman likes talking about her age), save your tooth and think hard before guessing. The safest bet would be to subtract at least 10 yrs from your actual estimate, or just say something like early 20s or late 20s whichever would be more flattering to the lady.Capisce ?!?

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16 Responses to Lie, For Your Tooth’s Sake!!!

  1. malen says:

    ako bords, hulaan mo age ko. hahhaha…pag wrong answer ka CHUGOG!! uppercut! “no woman likes talking about her age”basta ako, i stopped aging at 25. lol

  2. cheh says:

    hahaha hayan manghula lang,mali mali pa LOOOOOOOLThat’s a good one Mogs!:)

  3. maluca says:

    Why does people even talk about age??? I care about people that are interesting… I might be crazy (like my “name”) but I like it. // maluca

  4. Smek This! says:

    I hope that the man sues her ass off! Guessing wrong can’t be a crime but punching someone is. Even here. Talk about equal rights here!

  5. This was new, Write the blog on english. Fun 🙂

  6. Robin says:

    Lol, well it is not always the best thing to be honest…she probobly looked older than 33=)

  7. Zhu says:

    I don’t care, I’m still young enough not to care. But when I was a teen, I loved when people thought I was 20 something. Now, if you ask me if I have kids (I don’t okay, I’m 24!), I get a bit annoyed… lolNever punched anyone though!

  8. yuko says:

    LOL-she may not look her age but is apparently a one strong femme!!!

  9. crackgrrl says:

    What a bitch… and sadly enough, although SHE was probably the one who should have learned something from this incident, I bet she didn’t and next weekend she’ll be out there again, asking men to guess her age. Watch out, guys.

  10. Carro says:

    Hehe what can you say some women are just too sensitive when it comes to age but this was real takening it over the edge A BIT..

  11. I do love my age. How old do you think I am?

  12. MOGLI says:

    Hey beautiful people! Sorry for the late reply to your comments.
    @Fröken Harritz: Hi Miss Harritz! Well, if you promise not to punch me on the face I’ll make a guess! Hahaha,,,just kidding! I just saw your pictures on your blog and I would say you are around 25-27??? 🙂
    @Cheryl: Yep, poor fellow…
    @Carro: Definitely over the edge!
    @Crackgrrl: Exactly! We should really watch out for her! But I guess she wouldn’t do this again as she was actually taken by the police after this incident.
    @Yuko: Yes, she is a femme-fatale of some sort!
    @Zhu: It’s even more insulting when people ask if someone was pregnant just because of a little tummy peeking out. Worse if the person in question was a guy with beer belly!
    @Robin: Yeah, white lies can really save one’s ass!
    @Jens: Thanks for finding your way into this blog and enjoying it!
    @Smek: I forgot to write that the police patrolling the streets that night apprehended her right away.
    @maluca: I definitely agree with you! I don’t really care much about age. This news clip is just so amusing not to let my friends from home know about it. 😉
    @cheh: Tingin ko sinadya nung mama, eh! hahaha…nasuntok tuloy!
    @Bords malen: hehehe,,,ayokong hulaan ang age mo,,,baka i-flying kick mo ako! pero seriously, baby face ka eh,,,so mahirap hulaan. papasa ng 25. 😉

  13. Mucho gracias. Tu es trés drole. Auf wiedersehn!

  14. mogLi says:

    @Fröken Harritz: Il n’y a pas de quoi! Hasta luego! 😉

  15. elly says:

    My (11-year-younger) brother said he thought I was middle aged when I turned 25 (yesterday, that is, hahaha). I sort of felt kicking him but of course I didn’t. I thinkt the story you quote is kind of funny. And sad of course in a way. The woman is such a loser.

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