Tres Adicciónes

Here’s my current three addictions as tagged by Bords Malen in this post.

The rule states that it should be handwritten. I wrote mine on a whiteboard and did some fancy “corelling” on it. So if you’re into analysing my handwriting, I can tell you that my handwriting on paper is much more illegible than this!

Allow me to elaborate a little on each one.

1. Short stories

    I like reading and writing short stories. I used to read long, heavy novels but I also discovered that quickies can also be nice when done the right way! I like light reads and yet with some kind of twist in the end. The short story collection of Roald Dahl is a favourite. So are the works of Irish writer, Frank O’Connor. By my bedside at the moment is the Collected Tales (and Poems) by Edgar Allan Poe. You’ve perhaps seen that Simpsons Episode based on Poe’s The Tell-tale Heart. Quiet funny adaptation. But the short story is really a master piece! 

    Now as regards to writing, I got a couple of finished short stories. Many are semi-autobiographical, like this one. The original title is actually “Almost Pioneers” and a bit longer, with more juicy erotic tidbits scattered all over.

    This coming December, an anthology of flash fictions will be released by Milflores Publishing, Inc under the stewardship of Vicente Garcia Groyon. My contribution was luckily included in the said anthology. The cover of the book  will look like this:

    If you buy the book, I’ll tell you which one is my piece. 🙂 No, the contributors don’t get paid royalty for this. Only two copies of this book and of course the bragging rights to add that title, “Writer” on one’s CV. Unfortunately this particular anthology is in the Filipino language. One of these days I’ll try to translate my piece there into English so I can share it with my non-Filipino readers. 

2. News and comics strips

    You can see that many of my posts are reactions on news items. BBC news is a regular source of international happenings. For Swedish news, I normally tune in to the radio P3/P4. The daily morning free papers here can also be good sources of concise news items but I take these papers mainly for the comics strips in them. 

3. Noam Chomsky 

    The idealism of this man is worthy of emulation. Read him and be enlightened on what’s really going on in world politics. Just google him if you want to know more as I don’t feel I can give him the proper description in this blog.

There you go! My current three addictions. I cannot emphasize “current” enough as this list changes all the time. In the past I was hooked to Sudoku, classical guitar, online chess, Stephen Hawking and his Blackholes, downloading MP3s, GG Marquez, Umberto Eco, IRC, webcams, basketball, Seinfeld, Two and a half men, Mike Rowes Dirty Jobs, marijuana, cocaine, heroin,,,oops, just kidding on the last three items! 🙂 

Feel free to do this tag if you want!

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14 Responses to Tres Adicciónes

  1. malen says:

    BORDS!!!!!!!uyyy! ambilis ahh. congrats on number 1. na-stalk ko na yung mga short stories. hahaha. you really write well. infairness ang mga addiction mo…anlalim….nakaka nosebleed!!

  2. cheh says:

    Preho tayo Mogs! mahilig rin ako sa comics kaya life ko parang comics na rin,lolBTW I’m tagging you!:)

  3. crackgrrl says:

    I love short stories. They seem easier to finish when you’re busy and don’t have the time to read a whole novel in one shot (i e during a week or so). Some favorites of mine are the collected works of Katherine Mansfield and Evelyn Waugh… and if one particular story is boring, no one said you can’t skip it… 🙂

  4. Nina says:

    Hi,Thanks for visiting my site…Lagay din kita sa side bar ko…NINA

  5. Anonymous says:

    @Nina: Thanks! I just linked you, #81 in my 300 list.
    @Crackgrrl: Exactamente! It’s the main reason why I also switched to short stories these days. I reserve serious novels during long vacations when I can really concentrate with the reading. Thanks for the tip. I feel the need to read more women authors (in the spirit of equality). 😉
    @cheh: hehehe,,,mala-comics strips din ang daily adventures ko dito! LOL.
    @Malen: Thanks Bords! It’s the Cool Off story which made it to the anthology. 😉

  6. jussy says:

    -that film is sexig -thanks -glädjespridaren

  7. Beng says:

    Mahilig din ako noon sa komiks, pampasaya baga. Pero natigil nung nanditetsh na aketsh sa Alemanya. Thanks a lot pala Mogs for visiting :).

  8. malen says:

    ay aliw yung cool off…yung si EX pa din ang iisipin ko? hahaha, curious ako bords, true to life ba yun? get! get! awwwww!!!

  9. tin-tin says:

    you really love to read. everything that you wrote has something to do with reading. so, IRC still exists huh 🙂

  10. mogLi says:

    @Tintin: you’re right! i didn’t notice that! i should have also added reading interesting blogs as one of my addictions at the moment…IRC? oh,yes,,,there are still some dinosaur underground channels out there! hahaha!
    @malen: no comment. 😐
    @beng: pampasaya talaga ng buhay ang comics strips! hehehe!

  11. I’ve really begun to appreciate short fiction more since becoming a parent – it’s the only thing I can focu on with the limited time on my hands! Hemingway’s short stories are great and I always like annual best of short fiction compilations. Congrats on your own short story writing!

  12. mogLi says:

    @Chris: Thanks! Yeah, short fictions are really good alternative for busy people who have no time for heavy novels but can’t afford to be completely cut off from the literary world.

  13. malen says:

    Asus! no comment means YESSSSSSS!! bords, yung gerpren mong nang-iwan sa iyo, it?s her lost! na pi-feel ko ang aura mo through my computer screen at kung alam lang nya siguro kung gaano ka-gininituan ang puso mo, malamang nagsisisi yun! lol

  14. mogLi says:

    @malen: no comment. hehehe.

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