Spam Control!

Dear Friends,

Despite the busy schedule, the narcissist in me regularly checks out this blog for new comments, or as a jumping point to any of my blogmates in The 300 list

Recently I discovered that this blog is being filled with spam in the comments field in some of my entries. Interestingly, the entry that gets a lot of spamming is the one where my last sentence was, “Just fuckin’ do it, man!” As of this writing, half of the 36 comments there are spams with links to various bizarre porn sites.

Another entry that is popular among these spammers is the one entitled, “Gang Bang“. Not surprisingly, the spams were about selling contraband Viagra!

But what’s perplexing to me is the barage of spams about online casinos which ends up in the post entitled, “Mogli’s Celebrity Look-Alike.” I don’t understand how these spam robots work but I would guess they take key words from the blog entries and if it matches their product they would post spam comments there. So in the first two instances, it kinda’ make sense. But for the last one, I haven’t found any clear connection between betting or casino and the contents in my post. 

Anyways, as much as I don’t want to inconvenience you my treasured readers, I have no choice but to implement this filling up of control code before you can leave your comments.

For my non-Swedish readers, it will look like this after you’ve clicked on the “kommentera” link:

Ok, I hope for your kind understanding as regards to this new feature. I have deleted most of the spams in the relevant posts but I think I left one or two as souvenirs from these spammers. 

Please take care and strive to be happy! Hopefully I’d be able to post a new entry later today.

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9 Responses to Spam Control!

  1. Smek This! says:

    Ex.I love you mogLi!You are the best!…NOT! Wasn’t this written in your style of humour? Anyway, this is also some kind of spamming. Maybe you have mentioned VIAGRA in too many posts so that the search engine has spotted you out! There’s a reason for everything, you know. LOL

  2. mogLi says:

    @Smek This: Haha! You’re right. I had that “NOT” there but erased it in the last moment. Thought it was not so funny anymore. I’m not sure if I had previous entries with viagra. What I’m sure is that I’m not taking that medicine. At least not yet! LOL.

  3. Smek This! says:

    You know, Mogli, ‘Not’ just has to be there…NOT! 🙂

  4. Zhu says:

    What, you didn’t like all the Viagra sites I sent you? Hey, you asked me about this Gang Bang thing!Okay, sorry, not funny. I’m usually not that funny after a day of work.I get a lot of spam too and I choose to moderate all first time commenters. So far, works well.

  5. Raggoparden says:

    I love you mogLiyou are the best!ehh..wait a minute..wasn´t i supposed to write that? Maybe i should make a nice little normal whitty commen? *blushing* sorry!

  6. mogLi says:

    @Raggoparden: LOL. I want every reader to write that! I’m impressed you and Smek This were able to follow the instruction! Hahaha!
    @Zhu: Hehehe,,,so it was you! Well if you can give me discount with those Viagras, I’d probably allow you to spam me more with those sites! *oops, i just restrained myself from making a stupid comment about that gang bang thing* LOL.
    @Smek This: You are so insistent. Ok, I will edit it! NOT. Hahaha!

  7. malen says:

    I love you mogLi!You are the best!

  8. mogLi says:

    @Malen: Well done Bords! Nasunod mo ang instruction nitong entry na ito! Hahaha!

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