Halloween Hang Over

Friday’s Halloween Party was a blast!

Everone’s motto during the party seemed to be “Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we’ll die!”

There was not so much eating though, as the caterer who prepared the special tapas buffet seemed to have miscalculated the food or simply because all the zombies, ghouls and monsters in the party consumed more than they were supposed to eat. The only leftover was the dish called “Dante’s Balls” consisting of spicy sheep testicles  and a bowl of veggy dips made from pig brain and mayonnaise.  *uurk*
But the drinking! Oh boy, alcohol was consumed in the same rate as SUVs burn liters of gasoline per mile. And I’m talking here of hard drinks and not some cheap Danish beer that’s the staple of many a party we have had. The sad thing was that before the party, I promised myself (as I usually do) not to drink too much. I did not want to ruin my weekend nursing a bad hangover. But the welcome Dracula’s Sangria drink proved  to be too irresistible not to have at least two servings. And the promise, for which it was made, was broken (as I usually do). And it just cascaded from there! I won’t bore you with the details but let’s just say Dracula ran out of his sangria and, Dr. Hannibal Lecter (not me!) and a female zombie were seen frolicking on the ping-pong table at the lab’s basement sucking each other’s brains out.  

And of course, my weekend was ruined. I was half-comatosed the whole of Saturday. Someone (probably Aristotle) said, “Moderation is the key to happiness”. Whoever said practiced that must be a very smart, if not a very happy dude.

“Lagom” is the Swedish word for “moderation”, and there’s a Swedish saying, “Lagom är bäst,” meaning “Moderation is best.” In my language, we also have a word for moderation (katamtaman) but I don’t really recall if we have a saying concerning this. But I can say that the root  word of “katamtaman” is “tama” which means “correct” as used in the context “tama lang” or “of being just the correct/right amount.” So there seems to be a convergence in all cultures to have everything in just the right amount!

And I guess this principle was discovered by our forefathers while nursing bad hangovers, as I keep on rediscovering over and over and over again.

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17 Responses to Halloween Hang Over

  1. Raggoparden says:

    But..U forgot to tell us about yor costume!!

  2. Annelie says:

    Lagom ar nog bast! 😉

  3. Robin says:

    “Lagom är bäst” you sometimes have to pass to know you are alive!;) Sounds like a great party!

  4. maluca says:

    “Lagom” is a very good word, you never know what’s “lagom” more than for yourself! // maluca

  5. MOGLi says:

    @Raggoparden: Oh yes, I deliberately did not write about my costume as I thought it was just boring. It must be the worse halloween costume ever! Bought a pair of elven ears from buttericks and borrowed a rubber mask of Golum from a friend and had some old, disgusting blond wig (peruk) on my head. It was not scary but just plain ridiculous! You’d have done a better job if you did my make up!

  6. MOGLi says:

    @Maluca, Robin & Annelie: Yes, “lagom är bäst” This beautifully sums up the swedish people! I guess the Vikings really did a good job in proving this philosophical mantra! LOL.

  7. Ja det kunde man ju hoppats… Eller hoppas.. Men risken är bara att det är någon annan som får uppleva det och jag för nöja mig med att titta… Men I’ll get my revenge:-)

  8. 🙂 Jag svarar så gärna här när jag hinner…

  9. cheh says:

    katamtaman I think is the keyword for those who can’t take a risk,lolAlam mo bang na mas nagbibigay sakit sa ulo ang katamtaman uminom? hahaha jk

  10. MOGLi says:

    cheh: yes, i agree, moderation should not be used as an excuse to lead an unexciting/boring life! LOL.

  11. Raggoparden says:

    uh..sorry i bringed it up 😉 but give me some more time next hallowen, then i can give you a step-to-step lesson in scarymask-making whithout any effort! (but..didnt i give u one this year? )btw, there´s a challenge waitin for you again..a easy one..

  12. MOGLi says:

    @Raggoparden: Oh no problem! Yeah I should have just followed your idea, but I didn’t have much time to fix the materials. The challenge with the eyes, is very interesting and easy to do. I will do this but after two challenges that are still in the pipeline. Thanks again!

  13. maravillosa says:

    Åååh tack!! 😀 Känns redan bättre. På tal om shopping… såg idag ett inslag i “Musses religion” eller vad det heter, om en ny religion i New York: say no to shopping-religion. You should’ve seen it!! That preacher var CRAAZY!! He went in to a Starbucks caf’e to meet with the devil… hehehe. Shopping equals all bad in the universe.

  14. Zhu says:

    Hope I filled up that right – my Swedish is very bad lol!Tapas… I’m craving for tapas, but the only Spanish restaurant in Ottawa is actually really expensive. We have tons of Mexicans though…Glad you had a good party !

  15. Anna says:

    Hehehe, jag skrev för ett tag sedan att svenskarna har tappat bort betydelsen av ordet lagom, antar attdu ser det får en annan sida ;-)Hotellet var verkligen en dröm, sååå ljuvligt. Borde du inte belöna dig själv lite? Du ska ju trots allt vinna ett Nobelpris i framtide, det tycker jag kan vara värt en spa-resa? ;-D

  16. elly says:

    Mogli – thanx för din kommentar på min blogg! Självklart jättekul att jag finns på din länklista nu – jag “addar” dig på min favvolista också. Vi ses på Metrobloggen.

  17. MOGLi says:

    elly: Det var så lite. Tack själv! Yes, vi ses i Metrobloggen! 🙂anna: Ja, just det! Jag såg din inlägg om det. Japp, den där spa måste jag prova nån gång!
    Zhu: Bonjour! 🙂 Thanks for the comment. Here, there are a number of tapas restaurants so the prices are maintained at a reasonable level.

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