Halloween Ghost (Not For The Faint of Heart)


One autumn day.
Mist all over. So thick she hears nothing.
But the silence of fear.

Coming from the woods. Heavy footsteps.
Of a man. An evil man.

Eyes red with fury.
He took her by the hair.
Her long flowing hair. Now in tatters.
Her dress as well. 

Devoid of dignity, she tried.
To put up a fight.
But the man was evil. Pure evil.
And the last sigh of breathe cut through the forest.

In the shack of horrors.
She lay dead for years.
Until one day. She decided to rise.
To avenge her.


The poem above was inspired by this enchanting picture:

Did you see her?
Happy Halloween and Happy Ghost Hunting everyone!

Picture courtesy of one of my blog buddies, Cheh.

Im so sorry Cheh, I just destroyed your wonderful picture with that silly gif animation! But in the spirit of  the Halloween season, I know you will forgive me. LOL!

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19 Responses to Halloween Ghost (Not For The Faint of Heart)

  1. malen says:

    BORDS!!!!! ampf!!! wahahahahah…ayosss!! pwedeng pang forward sa email. hhahahaha…nagulat ako. sana nilagyan mo pa ng audio. lol

  2. MOGli says:

    @Malen: hehehe,,,baka naman may atakihin na sa puso nyan pag may audio pa.

  3. Ambo says:

    Hanobayan kakatacute naman! Yung pamangkin ko bigla tumakbo hehehe. Tagalog po pala dine hekasi naman parang taga ibang bansa ang blog mo hahahaha. Sabi na nga ba ke ate beng na photo yan eh. Looks family bwahahaha.

  4. HI!Thanks you so much for visiting my blog:) I like your blog too! You are from Sweden? What part? I like to see your style of writing very well done… I only have tofigger out where to post my comment , but sofar it went well:)Today I posted 2 italian recepies, in ase you are interested? I hope to see you back BYE!Ooow and normally I publice more about Holland but now I went on a trip to Italy so when I am travelling I always post my journey-photo’s.JoAnn 🙂 from Holland:)

  5. cheh says:

    nyahaha mogs! kayo talaga ni ambo!magkakasakit kami sa puso nito! agaagang halloween,lolBagay nga yung pic! gleng mo talaga loved the poem! Very well written!

  6. MOGLi says:

    @Cheh: Uy, thank you ulit! Medyo maaga nga ang halloween postings namin. Siyempre para una! hahaha!@JoAnn: Hi there! Thanks too for dropping by. It’s nice to see photos from other people’s travels. It gives one idea about beautiful places to visit! @Ambo: Uy, pards, LOL sa “taga ibang bansa”. Mixed nuts itong blog na ito eh..hahaha! pedeng tagalog, english at swedish. pede ring taglish, swenglish, swengalog, whatever!

  7. HairySwede says:

    I love the Halloween spirit. Good work to the original photographer and good work to the animator.

  8. Scary shit!I really shouldn’t have looked THAT hard at the picture. *wry smile*See!!! Now I can’t sleep for the next 2 weeks! Cheryl

  9. Anna says:

    Yep, it was a lovley day today too, but I´m still a bit disapointed, eventough I realy tried I couldn´t any of the seven dwarfs… 😦

  10. Hairy Swede says:

    I love the Halloween spirit. Good work to the original photographer and good work to the animator.

  11. MOGLi says:

    @Hairy Swede: Thanks man! (seems like there have been connection problems as you were leaving the comments…i already deleted three of them from within so i don’t know why they are still here…wohow,,,scary! the persisting comments in Mogli’s blog…) LOL.

  12. MOGLi says:

    @Cheryl: Oh sorry, dear! Two weeks of no sleep? Well I know you can handle that! 🙂

  13. Ambo says:

    Nyahahaha Swenglog parang ang sagwa pakinggan! Btw, akala ko kung anong Spartans yan, akala ko tsinelas bwahahaha. Salamat kapatid, lagay din kita sa links ko ha. Cheers,Ambo

  14. HairySwede says:

    Oh wow. That’s a lot of comments from me. Sorry about that!

  15. malen says:

    parang nag iba bords ah….hahahha, mas nagulat ako dun sa una..yun nagmamamadaliiii…hahhaha

  16. Hi Mogli,YES!!!! I saw the”witch?” uuurgghhhnothing for me , gives me bad dreams no thanks, Gret photography!MOGLI Noho I have not been in Gotenburg, so your duty (haha) is telling me how Gotenburg is? Its fine with me that you add a link of my blog, I’ll do yours in mine if thats OK? Happy halloween and Friday 🙂

  17. chrizzy says:

    oist mogli! greetings from merryland/dcnatakot ako dun ah!white lady white lady, can i borrow your tide powder for my white laundry?

  18. MOGLi says:

    @Chrizzy: Oist Merrychris from Merryland! Hehehe…musta naman dyan?
    @Joann:Oh, sorry about the “witch”! I promise there won’t be anything more like this in this blog…(well, until next halloween, i guess!) hahaha!
    @Malen:Hehehe..comedy nga yung unang version eh kaya pinalitan ko nito. Nagmamadali sya kasi baka ma-late.

  19. chrizzy says:

    okey lang, busog lagi. laman kami ng grand market,nagwiwindow shop ng mga pagkain, dami dami pagkain. tataba kaming tatlo nito agad. wala pang magawa eh!

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