The Nervous Heart of A Young Man in Love

In my ever shrinking free-time, I dabble with a kind of poetry that is heavily influenced by the use of computer. It is called digital poetry. Here is one, written in Tagalog, entitled “Tibok ng Puso”. English translation follows.




Title: Heartbeat

Nothing can equal the intense feeling of a young man’s heart whenever he is with the lady of his dreams. Every smile, every glance are given sweet meanings. Oh, that thing called love! Brings chills to the bones! How wonderful! Like a sudden raindrop in a long dry summer, extinguishing the thirst of a dragonfly in search of a flower’s nectar.  But his nervousness reminds one of the steps of a field animal walking on the meadows, his chest thumping. Thump…thump…thump!


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25 Responses to The Nervous Heart of A Young Man in Love

  1. malen says:

    uyy bords, parang may kulang….yun huling kita ko jan, nagulat ako kase pumpipintig din ahahha, anak ng stalker oh! LOLramdam ko ang kilig mo nun sinulat mo yan. para kang kinikiliti sa tuwa. pero parang hirap akong maniwala na may mga guys pala na capable of feeling “intense feelings” towards the girl of their dreams. i wish you a happy heart bords! mwaaaaaah!

  2. MOGLi says:

    @malen: yup, happy valentine’s day in advance! LOL!

  3. Nice. and yeah you’re right. I was thinking about changing it over time to “20-something”. But that’s not so mysterious right. But then I started to think “well Anna, you’re a little bit of heaven, aren’t ya?” LOL Something like that anyway!

  4. Haha, tycker du jag predikar lite väl mycket i mina inlägg? (a) ;D

  5. maluca says:

    Att dansa för andra är en sak; att dansa för NÅGON en helt annan… apropå #2…*s* // maluca

  6. cheh says:

    naks mogli,very poetic ka talaga!mas feel ko tagalog version tagos na tagos sa buto :)Loved this DP thing, cute!aliw ako doon sa previous post mong gang bang LOL

  7. Beng says:

    Hi Mogs,Ay abaaa…isa ka palang makatang binata na tumitibok-tibok ang puso. Habang aali-aligid sa isang mabangong burakrak :)I love the way you translate it, ika nga ni Chehkabum…ito ay tagos hanggang buto.Aking bersiyon naman: Tula moy damang-dama ko hanggang sa kasulok-sulokan ng aking puso! Ahaaay.

  8. MOGLi says:

    @Beng: Salamat sa comment. Nagustuhan ko rin ang iyong bersiyon!@Cheh: Uuy, welcome back. hope you are doing fine. Salamat uli sa pagdaan at sa comment.@Maluca: I agree! 😉

  9. Diana says:

    Oh, I loke that poem! You know what I like more? The fact that it’s beating!

  10. MOGLi says:

    @Diana: Oh thanks! Unfortunately I translated it haphazardly into English and has not really captured the nuance in the original Tagalog. Please ask your mom for a more in-depth translation to Swedish. 🙂 And yeah, I tried hard to make the beating anatomically correct.(oh the nerd in me!) LOL.

  11. cheh says:

    sureeeee dearie go ahead!:) re:photo

  12. MOGLi says:

    @cheh: thanks! will try to post the poem later tonight. 🙂

  13. maravillosa says:

    Hi, how are you today? Yes, my friends are indeed very interesting… haha. I agree with you, the story got a porno vibe doesn’t it? Hahaha… Thanks for the compliment.

  14. I love the poem you wrote. Am mighty curious how you did that “beating heart” thing, me being so computer illiterate *HAHA* It looks and sounds – beautiful.

  15. I will do that dear. LOL. But it might be a little bit cold, dont you think? 😉

  16. hur menar du “sponsrat av staten”? menar du civiläktenskap? menar du att äktenskap som juridiskt avtal? eller vad?Könsneutralt äktenskap bör införas eftersom det inte finns några argument emot det.civiläktenskap innebär att kyrkan förlorar sin vigelsrätt, alltså att man inyte kan ingå juridiskt bindande äktenskap där men cermonin kommer att vara den samma, själva avtalet ingås dock tex i tingsrätten. att ta bort äktenskap som juridiskt avtal funkar inte och det finns ionte så mkt anledning att göra det hlr eftersom det fungerar bra och är flitigt använt

  17. MOGLi says:

    @MsAmbivalent: svar är i din blogg på den relevant inlägg. 🙂

  18. MOGLi says:

    @cheryl: Thanks for reading the poem (at least the translation) and loving it! Wow, great you “heard” it. Exactly how I wanted the reader to feel, you know this auditory sensation thru words and visuals. About how I made it to beat, this actually consists of three pictures (or frames) freely transformed into the desired shape resembling a pulsating heart, and then saved in a gif format (in corel). The three frames cycle ten times or so, until it stops, to give the reader the chance to read it without getting dizzy. LOL!

  19. Ambo says:

    Haylayket! Sana ganyan din ang puso ko. Titibok-tibok! Galeng nga graphic na yan. Bravo!

  20. MOGLi says:

    @Ambo: Salamas..este salamat at nagustuhan mo ang pipintig-pintig na puso. Bakit Mang Ambo, pusong-bato ka ba? Sinong may sala? hahaha

  21. maravillosa says:

    Oooooh… nice. I bet you’re a very appreciated boyfriend. ;P

  22. Anonymous says:

    sounds like a good feeling , i’m slightly jealous 😉 and oh yeah, next time, i suggest you try sunglasses instead of thin jacket 🙂

  23. Kimberly says:

    I was wondering why this poem is in tagalog and what made you choose it. I discovered you through the hairy swedes website…my name there is cecrux…the reason i ask is because my husbands family speaks Tagalog and so does he. They are fomr the philipines, but he was born its natural for me to ask…varför?

  24. MOGLi says:

    Hi there Kimberly! Oh yeah, I remember you Mrs. Cecrux! 🙂 Ahh, the reason why I wrote the original poem in Tagalog is because that’s my native language. 😉 You should probably ask your husband to translate this properly for you as I did the english translation in haste. I wonder if I’ve met them!

  25. Kimberly says:

    ahh…so your pino too? cool!I am actually starting to learn some words, only by sound, and sometimes being in this household i understand…along with learning swedish it’s quite the different life for me. I dont know if you’ve met them either, my family here that is…i’m guessing when i post you get my email address? maybe you can email me who u are and i can ask… father in law was one of the first pinos here in sweden and he knows so many people that its crazy…i wonder if you know anyone from hjällbo or angered or hmm..forget the other place names…i also have 3 pino girls in my sfi class

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