No Party To Go To?


Then don’t despair, at least if you live here in Göteborg. Save your night for tomorrow (13 October, Saturday) as there will be a dance/mingle party at  Sal A, Axel Dahlströms Torg in Högsbo at around 7 PM.

It is the second year founding anniversary of Stödförening för gatubarn i Manila (Support organization for Streetchildren in Manila).

The entrance ticket is SEK150 and that would include some drinks, food and of course loads of fun! Proceeds of the event will go to Kanlungan, which is the beneficiary non-governmental organization in the Philippines.

The tickets can be bought on-site. For more info, you may contact the organization here. If you cannot attend, there are various means described in their site how you can be of help.

I have no connection with the said organization at all, except for my sympathy to their cause. Here is a picture of me and some friends from last year’s fund-raising event:

Yeah, we were over-dressed! Hahaha! We thought charity galas were supposed to be glamourous like how politicians and elites do it. We (well at least me), had fun on the dance floor anyhow! 

PS. Unfortunately I cannot make it tomorrow due to some conflict in my schedule.

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14 Responses to No Party To Go To?

  1. MOGLi says:

    To my friends/acquaintances who know me, you can comment of course, but please leave out the real names since I want to remain anonymous (at the moment.) Cheers!

  2. oh english or swedisn, doesnt really matter to me…

  3. Pernilla says:

    Åh, tack så mycket för länken! Ha en trevlig helg du också!

  4. Liberty says:

    hey Mogli!Thank you so much for your comment! I totally agree that doing something is better than nothing and my intention was ot at all to bash on those fantastic doctors that save lives. all I am thinking is that there needs to be more things done, but you are right, that may not necessarily be the task of Läkare utan gränser. And also, I didn’t know they did more long term stuff, so thansk for that info 🙂 have a nice weekend!And too bad I’m not in Gothenburg, otherwise I would’ve showed up at that party 🙂

  5. MOGLi says:

    @Liberty: You’re welcome. For more accurate info, you can take a look at their site here: You will read that they also have long term programs especially in epidemiology where they are called to monitor, diagnose, and control outbreaks of diseases, such as cholera, meningitis, and measles which are very prevalent in underdeveloped countries. After catastrophic events they have follow up projects like help re-build the health sector and provide sanitation experts. I definitely agree with you that more sustainable projects can be done and not just “giving them fish to live for a day.” Happy weekend to you too! What a pity you are not in Götet! 🙂

  6. malen says:


  7. cheh says:

    Muy grapitos maski nakatakip mga mata,hehehappy weekend mogli! Ingat

  8. jargon says:

    Maraming salamat Mogli sa iyong suporta! Hopefully, maka-attend ka next year.

  9. maravillosa says:

    Mm… älskar att vara romantisk. Det är mysigt. 🙂

  10. bluepanjeet says:

    mogli, bloghopping from malen, add kita pare sa links ko if you don’t mind. God Bless!

  11. Anna says:

    “I’m with you on your decision and be the greatest patisserie on this side of the planet!” Thnaks, I wouldn´t settle for anything less 😉 But who´s is the person on the other side of the world that would slapp me on my fingers???! I´m very curious! 😉

  12. HairySwede says:

    Good call on the suits! Looking sharp.

  13. MOGLi says:

    @HairySwede: Thanks man! It’s always better to be over- than underdressed, I think.@Anna: My response is in the relevant entry in your blog. :)@bluepanjeet: thanks sa visit pards! sure, the pleasure is mine kung ma-link mo rin ako sa page mo. nasa sidebar ko na rin ang link sa blog mo. @maravillosa: japp, det är mysigt att vara romantisk, särskilt i den här tiden av året.@malen: hehehe,,aliw ka talaga! sige kiss na, pero isa lang ha?@jargon: oo nga eh, sayang di ako naka-attend. di bale marami pa siguradong anniv parties na darating. kumusta naman ang party??? email na lang kita. :)@cheh: shempre kelangan itaas ang bandila ng mga pinoy. hahaha!

  14. Diaan says:

    haha, in the censured picture of you, you totally look like my brother. And, oh, I wish I knew more tagalog, so I’ll just write down the words I know and try to say something like goodbye: Ikaw tubig olo hindi maganda ako. Yeah, I don’t think that was good….haha. BYe!

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