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Beautiful People Earn More

In this Ny Teknik article, paper version published last Aug 29, it was reported that attractive people earn more than the average-looking and ugly ones. Apparently, the beautiful ones are perceived as much more cooperative and helpful, thus easily get … Continue reading

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James Blunt Fans: Please Don’t Read This Post

Disclaimer: If you are a James Blunt fan and still reading this text, you only have yourself to blame. If you find this entry offensive, please direct your anger to yourself for not following my advice. Again, make a little … Continue reading

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Indecent Proposal

Before something totally gets out of hand, I need to confess two things: 1) The Triss lottery ticket  in the previous post was a fake. 2) Corollary to 1), I did not win a million swedish crowns. Here is the … Continue reading

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Plötsligt Händer Det!!!

Jag gillar inte riktigt dessa Metrobloggen smajlisars men nu kan jag inte hjälpa det. Om man plötsligt blev SEK 1 000 000:- rikare, vad ska man göra ???

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MOGLI’s Celebrity Look-Alike

Inspired by the post of one of my favourite Metroblogger’s around here, Crackgrrl, I decided to try this Celebrity look-alike thing which has spawned the blogs and profiles of many citizens of the cyberspace. It takes a great deal of … Continue reading

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Lucky Donald!

This little guinea pig was found in a McDonald’s branch just outside Stockholm, Metro reported today. The poor thing was discovered by the employees as they were closing the store yesterday. Donald, as he was aptly called afterwards, was found … Continue reading

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