Only Losers Blog On A Friday Nite

Gotcha! I’m just kidding, ok? : P

I know we have different reasons why we sit in front of the computer instead of painting the town red on a Friday night. (This Friday is quite special as we are supposed to paint the town red literally in support of the Burmese Democratic Movement.)  

Anyway, it’s only quarter to one and I just came back from a boy’s night out. (There you go! This is a drunk entry so I might probably delete this when I get rid of the alcohol from my system.)

We started with “afterworks” at a place called Respect in Järntorget. “Afterworks” in Sweden means “Happy Hour” where beer is cheap, usually sold as two bottles for a price of one. A food buffet, consisting of some finger foods are also served usually for free or included with the beer.

“Respect,” I noticed is a place for the alternative crowd. Mostly students I suppose. I was amazed to see a considerable number of people actually wearing red. Red shirts, red tights, red dress, red ties, red pants, red scarfs, red heads…ok the last one was not really worn but was rather congenital. 

After two sets of the Czech beer called Staropramen, we decided to leave the place and go to “RumpanBar” along Linnégatan. “RumpanBar” (The Butt Bar, it’s true!) is quite hard to categorize. The crowd is very mixed. You see milfs, bikers, yuppies, fjörtisars, gays, lesbians, earthlings, alien beings, etc.

Since we decided not to touch the buffet served at Respect, we were feeling a bit hungry and requested for a table so we could order some food. There were plenty of vacant tables but the receptionist said they were all reserved. He said however that he had placed us in the queue and will get our seats soon. As more and more people were queing outside the place, we felt a bit privileged to be already inside so we decided to wait for a while. Just right after we ordered some ölpacket (beer package consisting of two types of beer) the waiter led us to a table. 

To cut this pointless story short, we called it a night after dining on pizza and pasta, two more ölpacket and two rounds of Jameson.

Aaah, gone were the days when I was younger than Yoda (yes, I’m at least 1,000 years old) and could party from dusk till dawn, and seduce some innocent creature just like the vampire Lestat!            

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9 Responses to Only Losers Blog On A Friday Nite

  1. I think I got back at you for the headline!/Cheryl

  2. MOGLI says:

    @Cheryl: Hahaha! Just left a note on your blog. And great, you also got a metrobloggen account yourself. Welcome to Metrobloggen! (it’s a bit quirky here but you’ll get used to it…)

  3. MOGLI says:

    @RennyBA: Good weekend back at you! I’m off to bed now. Goodnight y’all losers! hahaha!

  4. Anna says:

    Ja, det finns få saker man kan vara så tacksam för som just att slippa baksmälla! Som den småbarnmamma jag är fruktade jag den rejält efter en torsdagskväll med (massor av)vin och (lite färre) goda ostar med tjejerna. Lyckades ducka den dock, förvånansvärt nog.. ;-D

  5. Anonymous says:

    signs of aging?? nyahahah 😀

  6. maluca says:

    “Happy our” I went to a bar Friday evening, after work. They have some words; “Here we don’t have happy our, we’re happy all the time” Good one! // maluca

  7. crackgrrl says:

    I can’t go out on Friday nights… too effing tired. Props to you for not going back home until after midnight.. 🙂

  8. chuvaness says:

    oist di ba you love 300? have you seen the Ilonggo version? hahaha, check it out on youtube ha. Enjoy!

  9. MOGLI says:

    @chuvaness: Thanks for the tip. Hahaha! Sobrang aliw! “Sugod mga Bords!”

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