Swedish Word of the Day: Ollad

Ollad:  to have the ollon in physical contact with something. 

Warning: Link below not safe to view at work or in a public place or if you are a prude person!
Ollon is the swedish word for the glans, which is that shiny tip of the male genitalia.

In today’s punktSE, a male priest reportedly tagged various belongings of a woman who is a candidate for priesthood with post-it notes with the word, “Ollad.” (For my non-swedish readers: yes, priesthood in the Swedish Lutheran Church is open to  both sexes.)

The mischievous “ollande” priest posted around 20 post it notes in the woman’s office  tagging her chair, computer, among other things. Even the ceiling was  found to be tagged “ollad”!

Oh boy, that priest must have one really long tool, or he probably used a ladder? Let’s hope he did.

Our mischievous priest claimed it was just a practical joke and nothing was really touched by his genitals.

The offended woman reported the incident to the church’s local chapter which decided to investigate the priest. However one prosecutor noted that it should have been reported as an act of sexual harassment. I could see the humour in the prank but somehow I tend to agree with the prosecutor. It is the whole circumstance, priest and all, that makes it a bit unusual, I guess.

 What I wonder now is the corresponding English word for “Ollad”.  Ollonized? Ollonified? Glansified? Well, I don’t see it being used in everyday situation anyway so I guess this will not make it in english dictionaries. But of course I could be wrong!

And I honestly dread that day when you need to evaluate every item around you whether it has been “ollad” or not. Think of doorknobs, your computer keyboard, telephone receivers, light switches, etc. Eew, just the thought makes me shiver like the mysophobic Jerry Seinfeld! 

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14 Responses to Swedish Word of the Day: Ollad

  1. Thank you dear 🙂 Do you have a picture of yourself that I can see maybe? How are you anyway? 🙂

  2. MOGLI says:

    @AnnaElisabeth: But thank you dear, I’m fine! Have been quiet busy these past days, hence the lack of posts. Weekend I spent in a local forest, away from civilization, hence without any blogging activity on my part. Picture of me? I will splash it all over the cyberspace when the right time comes! In the meantime, please hold on. 😛

  3. Anna says:

    Good morgning! Aren´t you a sweet one! ;-)I´d rather not tink too much about this ollingbusiness, yaiks, or I just might never use the tram again… You woke up the mysofobic in me too…

  4. cheh says:

    Hello Mogli,Musta? BTW I just tagged you! I hope you don’t mind:)Have a nice day! Ingat

  5. MOGLI says:

    @Anna: Oh yes, I forgot the handle bars in the tram! hahaha!@Cheh: I’ll try to post a picture of my desktop maybe tomorrow.

  6. Well, that sounds like a relaxing weekend, I must say :)Ok, but just because its you then I will wait for the picture… I was wondering where your answer had gone but then I saw that you wrote it here instead of type it in my blog… Goodnight dear, sleep tight! 🙂

  7. chuvaness says:

    ei na-nosebleed akojan..di ko na get…paki tagalog naman…nyahahahhaha

  8. MOGLI says:

    @Chuvaness: Hahaha! How about “tiniti”? LMFAO!

  9. chuvaness says:

    anak ng!! TINAGALOG NGA!!!!!! hahahahahaha..ok…that’s better…tama pala ang intindi ko..eeeiiiwwwwhahahah 😀

  10. Max says:

    haha, har ni inte de ordet i engelska eller? förresten så är det “olla” som betyder att ha ollonet i kontakt med något. “ollad” means “olled” if you know what I mean…. “To get ollad”

  11. mogLi says:

    @Max: Nej, jag tror inte det finns sånt ord på engelska. Man undrar hur folk kom på med den här att olla grejer, typ, Varföörrr??? HAHHAHA!

  12. max says:

    Haha, du har rätt. varför? det ÄR onödigt… Bra blogg förrestenoch jag måste säga att du är väldigt bra på svenska också (i alla fall på at skriva, 😛 ;…). Hur länge har du varit här?

  13. mogli says:

    Hej igen Max! Tack för att du gillar den här bloggen. Jag har varit i Sverige, lite över fem år nu. Jag uppskattar väldigt mycket att du tycker att jag kan bra svenska (iaf här). Jag lär mig varje dag genom att läsa gratis morgon tidningar och lyssna på P3 och läsa svenska bloggar också. Jag skulle vilja kunna blogga helt på svenska (för att öva), men som du ser har jag fått massa internationella bloggkompisar här som kan inte svenska. Btw, har du blogg så kan jag länka dig…eller är maxbloggen din? i så fall har jag redan länkat den som #64 i min “The 300” lista (se sidlänken). Ha det!

  14. Doodee says:

    Thanks for sharing

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