You Are Sooo Under Arrest

“But why?!?”

“Because you look like shit!”

Well, those were not the exact words but it is almost like that according to this report published in Metro today:

Apparently, 20 year-old Paulina was forced by two undercover agents to leave a urine sample on location, which is just a few meters from a pathwalk in a park. Of course, being totally innocent, the poor girl was shocked. However the agents insisted saying that, “If someone looks like you and dresses like you, then you are naturally suspected of taking illegal narcotics.”

That’s the logic of the Swedish Police, my dear friends, romans and countrymen!

In fact, this is not the first time someone was accused of a crime here in Sweden just because of his physical appearance. Only a month ago, a man was suspected of using illegal steroids and was arrested:


source: Metro.

It says, “He was arrested because he had huge muscles.” I was like, WTF? So it goes that he was on a night out with friends walking down the street when a policewoman noticed his bulging trapezius, took him and made him leave urine sample which of course turned out to be negative.

I posted before that In Sweden, Looks Are Everything. NOT. I now think I’m totally wrong. At least when it comes to the Swedish Police Force.    

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14 Responses to You Are Sooo Under Arrest

  1. Hehe. Hur är det ikväll vännen? 🙂

  2. sex AND the city ja 😉 Bilden kunde varit bättre men det får vara så. Varför har inte du någon tydligare profilbild? 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    @AnnaElisabeth: Tja, kompish! Det é våt som f*n i götet ikväll. Annars é det soft. Hahaha! Lärde mig några slang där från mina homies. Min profilbild? Nja, vill vara lite mysterious effect där. Men du kan kolla att jag ser ut som Uma Thurman, Sally Field, bl.a. i mitt Celebrity Look-Alike inlägg. Ha det!

  4. Mim says:

    That’s really making hasty judgements…But other times the police aren’t that quick to take action. When something really happens they are nowhere to be seen. That’s weird…

  5. HairySwede says:

    The muscle and steroids ting just blows my mind. I read that article too and couldn’t believe it!

  6. crackgrrl says:

    Very true. Also, Swedish cops are totally racist, always trying to nail people who are adopted, only to get very “disappointed” when it turns out Swedish is their mother tongue and, more importantly, they didn’t do shit to deserve any attention from the police. I have seen this first hand, too many times.

  7. cheh says:

    hahaha this is mean! paano na lang kung ako magpakalat kalat jan baka ako’y mapagkamalang mamasang hahahabtw,thanks for the link love!have a fab weekend!

  8. HairySwede says:

    I think it is interesting though that almost no matter what country yo are in there is always this stereotype of the police. a thankless job for sure. its just unfortunate that its the bad ones that get all the press.

  9. chuvaness says:

    Waaaahhh…wasakin ang imperyalistang kontrol!! Naku kung dito yan, malamang sasakit ulo ng mga pulis, kaliwat kanan ang ia-arrest nila. heheBe safe!

  10. maluca says:

    I better stay at home today so… or I fix my hair *s* // maluca

  11. MOGLI says:

    @Maluca: That’s a good idea to avoid being arrested by the police. Or just wear a large mexixan hat! (but then you’d look more suspicious) hahaha.
    @chuvaness: hehehe..UP days,,,ibagsak ang mga pasista!
    @hairyswede: indeed, my friend. there’ll always be rotten tomatoes in any organization. unfortunately or fortunately the job of the media is to expose these irregularities, for what is deemed newsworthy are those which are deviations from the norm.
    @cheh: bakit naman mama-sang? mukha ka bang pimp? hahaha!
    @crackgrrl: Much worse are the bar bouncers/owners here. There are quite a number of discrimination cases here where non-looking swedes have been refused entry in some bars/clubs.
    @Mim: yeah really hasty judgment for such small-time crimes.

  12. Mogli! 😀 How you doin’ nowadays?Tell me more about you in e-mail if you´ve got my that I sended to you some weeks ago…Take good care of yourself!(P.S I don’t read physics B, it’s better that way, and much much easier I think… I feel very releaved).Hugs /Mysticá

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