Sometimes I Wish…But Maybe Not.

Sometimes I wish the skies were green and the oceans black. 
Then I’d look cool in my orange wet suit as I ride the waves on my purple surf.
But maybe not.
I’m quite fine with the sea and the heavens being blue.

Sometimes I wish I could fly up high.
Fly me to the sun, to the moon and the stars.
But maybe not.
I don’t want to traverse the emptiness of vast space.

Sometimes I wish I could tell when people lie.
Then I’d know with whom to entrust my heart.
But maybe not.
I’d rather not know if she were going to shatter it to pieces or not.

Sometimes I wish I could stay awake all the time.
And not waste a single second on sleep.
But maybe not.
Dreams are my only escape from the harsh realities of life.

Sometimes I wish I were a perfect person.
Perfect looks, perfect IQ, perfect abs, perfect everything.
But maybe not.
A friend said perfect is boring, and I agree with him.

Sometimes I wish I were rich and famous.
Just like Bill Gates or George Clooney, perhaps?
But maybe not.
I’d rather be able to go to my favourite coffee shop and drink my cappuccino undisturbed.

Sometimes I wish I were immortal.
Then I’d live forever and ever through the end of time.
But maybe not.
I don’t want to be a lone witness to all the follies of mankind.


The crispy air of autumn and gloomy september rain has finally caught up with me. This is the time of the year when I get sentimental. Too sentimental sometimes. Hope you’d still enjoy reading my blog.

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22 Responses to Sometimes I Wish…But Maybe Not.

  1. Ah okej.. vart kommer du ifrån egentligen då? 🙂 Jo, hörde med det om beckham och williams och det var himla synd att de inte ska vara med 😀 Fint inlägg! I enjoy it very much by the way 😉

  2. Agnes says:

    Hehe,sorry 😛 Neee men ja ska köra vettu så det är ingen bra idé om ja sover i bilen….

  3. Anna says:

    Blå är en fin färg oavsett hur den är förpackad, lite skönt med edn här typen av stämmning även i din blogg!Klart du ska prova soppan, hur god som helst och superlätt att göra även om det blir lite rivande och hackande innan det är färdigt… 😉

  4. maluca says:

    Right. It’s calming down life for a while, feels good! “Nobody’s perfect. I’m nobody, so I’m perfect”// maluca

  5. Tja!Jo du har ju alldeles rätt, visst vore det taktiskt riktigt att dela upp mina listor och köra typ en per inlägg och dag… Men problemet är ju då att man inte vet riktigt när det blir tid att blogga härnäst och att risken är överhängande att man glömt bort en massa… Fast iofs skulle man kunna skriva något långt på en gång men bara lägga ut delar i taget…Tål att tänkas på…:-)Klart juste text, gillade den. Vore skoj att höra med musik och sång…Ha det

  6. MOGLI says:

    @Goda Bloggaren: Jo, jag tänkte använda AM7-DM7 som chord pattern i början, och sen till Bm7-G och sen tillbaka till A. Jag behöver en text till chorus men jag har inte riktigt kommit på nånting som skulle passa.

  7. Natha says:

    nja, bara runt 100 😛

  8. MOGLI says:

    @AnnaElisabeth: Nån gång ska jag skriva nånting om vart kommer jag ifrån. Till dess du får hämta en världskarta, och kolla själv enligt min profil. Make a guess! ;P

  9. MOGLI says:

    @Anna: Blå är en favorit faktiskt. Bra att veta att det gör inget att inte skriva bara om “roliga” saker ibland.

  10. Lussan says:

    I´m a bit sentimental myself at this time of the year. Of course I enjoyed this! 🙂

  11. chuvaness says:

    thanks for the link…i’ll link you too.. :DEMO naman nito pero nice one. Yeah, perfect is boring. Buti na lang hinde tayo perfect. Hehehe. Hugs from the land of brunettes and brownish!

  12. cheh says:

    I totally agree indeed,this gloomy weather does affect our mood.As the beatles song says, take a sad song & make it better or shall we say in your case, write a poem & make it better:)I love this thought provoking poem of yours.Thanks for sharing it & thanks very much for stopping by my blog!Will link you up, I hope you don’t mind? have a great weekend!

  13. Anonymous says:

    hehe oki hej

  14. Anonymous says:

    Like this blog!

  15. HairySwede says:

    Gotta fight the coming winter somehow. Keep it up!

  16. wow =) i like what you just wrote. Like your blog….

  17. Thanks for your great comment in one of my contributions Mogli, I really appriciate it.I´ve let him go now… if he comes back – we´ll see later – but for now… I just release him. He knows I´m here for him, at least for the moment. I just hope he will remember me and take up the contact between us again somehow…But I can’t make him love me if he don’t.Manny Hugs / Mysticá

  18. Miss Emelie says:

    I like it=) very deep.

  19. anna says:

    I get sentimental as well..and anxious. Because even if the summers are like the summer was this year – not the best..still it is summer and you can stroll around with naked feet in open shoes, wear dresses and nothing more and is light outside when you wake up early in the morning…During these few months I forget how cold it gets…how dark it is and that it will stay so for many many many months..hugs

  20. vk says:

    …..I like but I can´t…..ganito na rin ito…..ay oo nga, the 4 seasons we have, what i like is autumn, kahit na wet and dirty, sabihin na natin..pero gusto ko, kasi hindi masayadong cold n hot…katamtaman lang, malayo pa sa allergy.kaya lang nakatatamad, madali ra maka stress.sigi, thanks for sharing….happy friday, weekend naman….maka rest na man.bye and thanks again….

  21. MOGLI says:

    @chuvaness: hehehe,,,emo paminsan-minsan! buti na lang talaga di tayo perfect.@cheh: Thanks for the comment. So you guys also have this rainy autumn in Germany? Of course, please feel free to link my blog. I’ve linked yours too!@Anonymous/Curly Girl?: Thanks! @HairySwede: Yeah, we’ll go through this! Watching som football match in some sports pub wouldn’t be so bad!@BrownEyedGirl: Thank you!@Mystica: You’re welcome. Sometimes we just need to let go.@Miss Emelie: Thank you indeed!@Anna: You are absolutely right! Now, you just made me imagine how nice it is back home. The few days of summer sun should have been enough to charge one with energy in the many dark months to come!@vk: pareho rin pala autumn nyo dyan sa germany ano? happy weekend rin ha!

  22. Lian says:

    Nice poem! 🙂 Hehe, during the fall I become pretty sentimental as well: I start to write poems, short stories and lyrics. Ah well, it is nice to be a bit sentimental sometimes 😉 And of course I will still enjoy reading your blog :).

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