Lassbo Should Sue punktSE

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you read the following text?

That it refers to our very own Glamourprinsessan, right?

Then you’re wrong because what you see in the corresponding picture is this:

Yes, it is not Karolina Lassbo but Carolina Gynning. That’s how the report was written in last Friday’s edition of punktSE.

Now why should Lassbo sue punktSE? Three reasons:

1. The title, “Glamourprinsessan” is her exclusive trademark, at least according to her. To quote, Glamourprinsessan är mitt varumärke. Bara mitt, ingen annans.” [The Glamour Princess is my brand. No one else’s but mine.]

2. punktSE is a rival of Metro. Gynning works in the former while Lassbo (used to) work in the latter. punktSE certainly caused [intentional] confusion among the readers misleading us to think that there is also a Glamour Princess in their midst. As the Highlander would say, “There can be only one!”

3. Lassbo is now quitting her Metrobloggen job and will do apprenticeship as a corporate lawyer. This is the best case for her to practice her lawyering skills.

If she pursue this case, I volunteer myself in the witness stand and testify that as her fateful reader and follower, I have had trouble accepting the fact that there is another Glamour Princess.

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8 Responses to Lassbo Should Sue punktSE

  1. Anna says:

    Poor, poor Miss Lassbo… ;-)Of course you are on my favourit-list, as I make you hungry, you make me smile! 😀

  2. maluca says:

    Hi Mogli. You’re right, it was your idea I followed, the list of links… Good one! Have a nice day! // maluca

  3. Hehe, jo, jag är lite djup ibland. Det du skrev är så sant men jag kan ändå inte hjälpa att känna som jag skrev, lite panikkänsla.. :)Undrar en sak förresten, borde jag skriva på engelska till dig? Eller varför skriver du allt på eng? 🙂 Du förstår ju iaf svenska har jag märkt så. hehe

  4. Agnes says:

    Haha, visst är det!? Inatt gick jag så frivilligt som helst till sängen 😛

  5. Annelie says:

    Ja, det kanske bara finns en glamourprinsessa… men nog finns det många aspiranter på titeln! 🙂

  6. Hehe, klockrent som alltid. Hoppas allt är bra. Själv har jag tacklat av lite men bättring utlovas… Nytt inlägg finns iaf nu…:-)

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