In Sweden, Looks Are Everything


In my previous post, a study reported that beautiful people tend to have bigger earnings. Some comments jokingly agreed with the findings while some disagreed, drawing their corresponding conclusions from personal observations and/or experiences.

The problem of course with this kind of study is first and foremost statistical. I will not bore you with the details, but it is usually the case that such studies have limited sampling coverage. As a result, conclusions drawn from the sample population might not be applicable to the whole population or even to another group of population. Indeed, as the comment of Hairy Swede in my post pointed out, the study was conducted in California, which is a place notorious for valuing physical attractiveness above everything else.

In this entry, I would like to show you that in my short time of living in Sweden, I observed that looks are not so important in succeeding in one’s career.

Cases in point are these male Swedish celebrities:

Ok, to be fair the guys above are not particularly unattractive, but there is no doubt their faces will fail miserably in the measure of beauty based on symmetry. Anyway, they are not only popular and earn loads of money, they  have also been quiet successful in finding hot mates:

You see, at least in Sweden, beauty is not a huge factor to make it big. If you got the talent or the skills, success is guaranteed.

Oh, how I love this country!


Collage assembled from the following original sources:

Luuk and Berg
Lundin and Kerstin
Zlatan and Helena
Schulman and Katrin
Markoolio and Emelie

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21 Responses to In Sweden, Looks Are Everything

  1. Anna says:

    I absolutely adore your writing, what you have say of course, but even more so HOW you say it! :-DI´m glad you too are a fan of tuesdays, wednesdays aren´t so bad for new projects either… 😉

  2. MOGLI says:

    @Anna: Hej! Thanks for the compliments. It’s funny that I started reading “Tisdagarna med Morrie” last night. I plan to read it again every Tuesday until I’m done. It’s only a thin book but a friend gave it to me in Swedish so it might take me a couple of Tuesdays as my Swedish is a bit rusty. 🙂

  3. Mim says:

    On which picture? The top picture shows the kitty lazying about in our bed. She really knows how cute she is, trust me. The second one is from our kitchen showing out kitchen sofa in the background if that was what you meant.Her name is Esther,I had another cat before, named Selma so they were my two “old ladies”.

  4. maluca says:

    Beauty, talent or knowledge… what do we know… and I don’t care as long as I’ve got my salary! *s* // maluca

  5. Anna says:

    nej, hon är inte med i något rollspel, men hon brukar tydligen spela “live” eller vad det heter, du vet när de springer runt i skogarna 🙂 som rollspel fast på riktigt. och hon visste inte riktigt heller vad wow är fr något, vilket är konstigt, det är ju druider med där!

  6. Rakotozafy says:

    What can be more boring and less interesting than a symmetric face, a face that fits a norm? Beauty based on symmetry is like food based on a diet or movie culture based on Hollywood.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hear hear!I agree with the previous comment. I think a little flaw in one’s face makes one sexy and interesting. I’ve heard that’s why Marlon Brando broke his nose and didn’t fix it. Perfect is boring.

  8. Smek This! says:

    Sorry, forgot my ‘name’ form ‘hear hear’..

  9. MOGLI says:

    @R and Smek This: Point well taken. As the saying goes, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” anyway. But I wanted to avoid subjectivity in illustrating my point, thus the need for a reference measure. And as far as I know, this symmetry principle has been the most studied and proven to underlie our (at least most humans) tendency to be “visually” fascinated by symmetric objects. From the evolutionary point of view, this makes perfect sense since many genetic alterations are manifested with asymmetric bodily/facial characteristics and throughout time humans have unconsciously selected for mates exhibiting preferred symmetry measures which are equated with reproductive fitness. Check this recent news where they developed a program to scan facial features and diagnose genetic diseases:

  10. HairySwede says:

    Tuesdays With Morrie is an absolutely amazing book! I’ll be impressed if you can keep yourself to reading it onl on Tuesdays. I flew through it! Anyway, on to your post, I definitely agree with you with the sampling of these things, especially when so many people have different definitions of beauty!

  11. Anna says:

    I´m glad you understood it, lost a word in the sentence… 😉 I´m ashamed to say, but I´ve never heard of “Tuesdays With Morrie”, but I will better my self and take a trip to the library in a soon to come future… 😀

  12. Anna says:

    Hehehe, glad to be at your (stomachs) service… ;-DYupp, it´s a heartshaped egg, just for me! I promise you, I tastes so much better than a round one. 😀

  13. Annelie says:

    Kanske det kan innebära att båda vackra och mindre vackra människor kan vara framgångsrika? Förhoppningsvis kanske det beror på talang?!

  14. MOGLI says:

    @annelie: exactly the point! och jag tror att svenskarna är väldigt bra när det gäller att uppskatta talang i människör. kolla bara hur man stöder sina idrottsmän/kvinnor här i Sverige. det är otroligt varje gång de tävlar även i lokalt sammanhang. ok, i hope my swedish made sense. i’m too lazy to check my spellings and grammar.

  15. anna says:

    nice and interesting reading!haha so if I worked at the sae place as yu are I would have to fight for my cup of earl grey green tea?hugs!

  16. chuvaness says:

    “Beauty is not a huge factor to make it big. If you got the talent or the skills, success is guaranteed”TOTALLY AGREE. sipag, tyaga at diskarte..dyan tayo aasenso. BONUS lang ang good looks. Yiheee!

  17. scout says:

    i’ve actually thought about this before, specially because of personal experience in my past workplace. yung mga maporma, madali ma-promote. “power dressing”, they say. face factor does it, too. it’s so random, and not much attention is given to performance. sana sa min lang yun, but i doubt it. weird sa pilipinas.

  18. MOGLI says:

    @Anna: Thanks! @Chuvaness: Of course, pag may tyaga, may nilaga!@Scout: Tama ka, it is much worse sa atin. For example, many use skin whiteners para mas mag-mukhang coño/coña. We equate high status with fairer skin. Here in Europe is the opposite. If you are well-tanned, it means you can afford to travel to warmer countries and that is of course equated to one’s social status.

  19. Kalle says:

    Ok…How the hell did Markoolio land such a sexy chick like that? That’s just weird…

  20. mogLi says:

    @Kalle: I know! Amazing right? That’s the point of this blog entry. Even if you look like Markoolio, but if you are successful in what you do, all other nice things will follow. Hahaha!

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