The SMS (2)

So this morning I thought of bringing up this SMS thing with Gustav. To reject another person’s affection is not an easy thing to do; having been in the receiving end myself in a number of occassions, I know how it feels. With this in mind, I knew I should break it to him gently.

He was already by his desk when I arrived. Strangely enough, I couldn’t find any sign in him that he owed me an explanation about the SMS I received from him. No sign of guilt, remorse, or any emotion that says, “Hey I sent you this SMS yesterday, don’t you wonder what it means?”

We did the usual morning routines, coffee, a little chit-chat and all that, but I just couldn’t figure out how on Earth he seemed to behave as if there was nothing going on. So after much debate in my head, I decided to just play it by ear. I could be right that I was not the intended recipient of the message, and that he has not yet discovered this mistake.

But you may ask why am I making a big deal out of it? In fact I could just tell him right on that he sent me this and perhaps he just made an honest mistake. The problem is Gustav is a married man, whose wife just gave birth this summer. And that kind of SMS I don’t think one sends to one’s wife. If it were only “Can’t stop thinking about you”, it would have been possible that it was just for the wife but with the “I can’t take it anymore” part in the beginning, I think the context of the message meant something else.

So, if the SMS was not for me, it was definitely intended to someone else but the wife. And in that case, I don’t want to involve myself with whatever honky-tonky monkey business he is at the moment. So unless he himself brings this up to me, I don’t want to appear to be a nosy colleague. In the meantime, I guess I’ll just content myself to be in that “wait and see” mode. Besides, the shock has subsided after all these rationalizations and it was not that bad anyway.

But this morning I couldn’t help noticing how his little pinky was pointing a bit upwards as he was sipping from his coffee cup. And of course, there’s nothing wrong with that!

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3 Responses to The SMS (2)

  1. Rakotozafy says:

    Maaaaan… you’ve become more Swedish than a Swede :))) why don’t you just up and confront him, just simply ask him why he sent you that sms and… find out what’s behind it? Want me to do that for you? Send me his number :)))R.

  2. MOGLI says:

    @R: I know, man! But I am really the non-confrontational type. Until he make any further advances, I think there’s no reason for me to act accordingly. Whatever dirty secret he is keeping in his closet, I feel I have no business at all prying into that. I just don’t feel I have any moral obligation to interfere with his private dealings.

  3. crackgrrl says:

    Well, that little pinky says it all… case closed. 😀 Poor Gustav… and his wife, too.

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