Say Sorry, Swedes!

In this BBC feed, Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones demands that two Swedish reporters, one from Expressen and one from Aftonbladet,  who reviewed the Ullevi concert last month should apologize for giving the gig a bad review.

In this Aftobladet review, the concert got an overall 2 out of 5 “pluses”. Keith got only 2 while Mick Jagger got 4 for his performance. Maybe that is why he was angry about it. Had he gotten 4 pluses as well, I guess he will not complain.

I know that the Stones is sort of a legend, and talent-wise they should be able to perform more decently than they did in Ullevi. But it seems like they have not realised that their body parts are beginning to fossilize while they are still alive. They should accept the fact that heavy booze (and most probably drug use) during the concert would not give the same effect to their performance as when they were in their primes like a thousand years ago. I agree with the reporter that it should be Keith and Co who should apologize to their fans and even give them a refund for the lame performance. 

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2 Responses to Say Sorry, Swedes!

  1. Rakotozafy says:

    You know, I suspect by now Keith doesn’t even remember he ever complained about these reviews. He probably doesn’t even remember that gig any longer. So let’s just ignore him, ’cause after all it’s just firewater under the bridge, a.k.a. pissing in the wind.

  2. crackgrrl says:

    It’s like, so NOT rock’n’roll to give a crap about your reviews anyway. Thirty years ago Keith would have been too busy doing the sex, drugs and r’n’r thing to worry about some lame review in a newspaper being issued in a minor shit country like Sweden. Just the mere fact that he even cares is proof enough that the Stones’ retirement is long overdue.

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