Freaky Monday (The SMS)

“Jag klarar inte av det. Kan inte sluta tänka på dej…”

(I cannot take it anymore. Can’t stop thinking about you…)

What the F??? Why the F???
I was in total shock reading that short message flashing on the screen of my mobile this afternoon just as I was preparing to leave office.

Normally, a guy should get giddy receiving such a flattering sms. Well, I would have been had the sms did not come from someone who goes by the name Gustav.

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, make this entry of mine another addition to that heap of tales of unrequited affection. For I don’t have any plan of returning back the same kind of flattery my male colleague just bequeathed me through that loaded short message of his.

It is without doubt an amusing thought that Gustav will fall for someone like me who is not that especially attractive specimen of the male species. Perhaps the thought is not so remote, and I’m saying this without undue modesty, but  I have had my share of  admirers albeit usually coming from the “wrong category”, at least in my point of view. People like Gustav, or if it is from the opposite sex, really, really young girls. With young I mean what the Swedes refer to as fjortisar (fourteen year olds or girls acting like fourteen). And all these years I have categorically refused to do anything with them. At all.

And back to Gustav. Man, this is crazy! I had no friggin’ clue he belonged to the other side. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that!” as Seinfeld would have quipped. But I was really caught off guard with that particular sms. Suddenly everything made sense to me. Those tantalizing glimpses he every now and then throws at me, convulsive laughing at my phony jokes, this constant “Yo da man!” praising whenever I do something smart or clever, and this occasional slap on my butt. (Ok, the last part was not true.) Dude, I have been so naive!

As I was packing my stuffs, I was thinking if I should confront him about this message he sent me. Or should I just ignore and pretend I never received such sms from him? I couldn’t quiet make up my mind so I just took the backdoor of the office to avoid seeing him. I was also a bit in a hurry to go home and the last thing I would want to do is spend some more uncomfortable and awkward minutes in the office.

Let’s see tomorrow (I mean today) how I’m going to resolve this. So basically the dilemma I have at the moment is whether to confront Gustav about the sms or not.   

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8 Responses to Freaky Monday (The SMS)

  1. Rakotozafy says:

    Maybe he just confused your number with your sister’s? 🙂 Ah, but even if he didn’t, do you think it will be very unpleasant to speak out about this to him? R.

  2. MOGLI says:

    Hehehe…first I don’t have a sister here in Sweden. This thought also came to me, that it must have been a mis-sent. Who knows? I will try to observe things tomorrow.

  3. Mysticá, 18 år ung says:

    Thanks Mogli… you’re the best!! :DI´ll answer your mail as soon as I´ll have time for it.. but right now I´m very busy with school that resently have begun… :(I really like your topic by the way! 🙂 beautiful with the birds and the moon. Fits in perfectly here ;DGoodnight and talk to you later :)hugs/mysticá

  4. singel33 says:

    Just text him back, saying that it’s gonna have to stop there. In his thoughts.

  5. Mysticá, 18 år ung says:

    Oh Mogli, I really love your blogg but I can’t find time to read it so much! ;’/You know what? 😀 I´ll during one evening in some weekend read all your texts! But I don’t know when that´ll be yet, but it WILL happend as soon as I find time, I promise.Kisses and hugs /Mysticá

  6. crackgrrl says:

    I would think it’s kind of annoying to get a text like that from ANYONE, unless we were already involved somehow, of course… if I were you, I would just ignore it and hope that he gets the message. Super awkward anyhow!

  7. Mim says:

    Exciting! And a little bit scarry if you don’t share his affections…You have to update soon! I’m sure that I’m not the only one who is curious what will happen next. Maybe, just maybe, Gustav is the one and you’ll find yourself, cuddling with him with a glass of red wine, looking deep into each others eyes and… or maybe not. I just got a bit carried daway. Sorry.

  8. GUSTAV says:

    I cannot take it anymore. Can’t stop thinking about you..
    AHAHAHAHAanlakas ng tawa ko…ang tawag jan – animal appeal! ka-gwapo jud nimo bords!! pa kiss ngaaaaaaaaa!!!

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