Dumb Population Grows Exponentially

While the intelligent ones grow only arithmetically. A “dumbing down of the population”, as the movie Idiocracy (2006) puts it.

In Rakotozafy’s post, the movie above was mentioned in passing. So I checked out the synopsis and I instantly thought the plot was hilarious. This movie was not really marketed and promoted when it was released so it was a bit difficult to get a copy. But anyway, I was able to see it last night and oh boy, was it a blast! 


Trevor: “Having kids is such an important decision.” 

Carol: “Were just waiting for the right time.”

(Trevor eventually died due to a heart attack while jacking off to provide sperm for Carol’s artificial insemination.)

On the other hand, the dumb ones just kept on multiplying.

Wife: “Oh shit, I’m pregnant again!”

Clevon: “I thought you wuz on the pills or some shit?”

Meanwhile, a Human Hibernation Experiment sponsored by the Pentagon recruited an Army Librarian, Pvt. Joe Bauer (Luke Wilson), and a hooker, to be preserved and then revived after one year. 



Apparently, Pvt. Bauer has the most average characteristic in the entire armed forces and is therefore well-suited to be the guinea pig of the project.

However, a terrible thing happened and the whole hibernation project was forgotten, while as years passed by “mankind became stupider at a frightening rate.”

After 500 years, a catastrophic event caused our “guinea pigs” to be awakened from hibernation. Instantly, Pvt. Joe Bauers found himself to be the most intelligent person alive, in a world where only fags can read books and speak straight English. And the movie took off from there.

The plot is very promising, with the first sequences and the voice over  really funny. However it became a bit drag somewhere in the middle, to almost phony and cheesy. But somehow it recovered towards the end. It is supposed to be a powerful satire how the world would have become if the JackAss generation manage to screw things up big time.

It is also a challenge to all the intelligent people out there. Don’t wait until it is too late.You owe mankind a great service.

Go Forth and Multiply. Now!

Thanks again to Rakotozafy‘s film tip.

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7 Responses to Dumb Population Grows Exponentially

  1. Rakotozafy says:

    Nice review indeed! As you correctly point out, the film has its weaknesses, but it is still an important statement in our time. By the way, director Mike Judge has also given us another fairly good satirical film called “Office Space”, and unless I am wrong, he is the one who created the characters “Beavis and Butthead” who tormented us in MTV for some years way back in the nineties. Best regards, R.

  2. crackgrrl says:

    I’m not sure the intelligent share of the population grows even arithmetically… sometimes I doubt that intelligent people procreate at all, to be honest.

  3. MOGLI says:

    @R: Thanks again! I haven’t seen “Office Space” but I read somewhere it is supposed to be way better than this. Hahaha…ja, Beavis and Butthead..those were the days.

  4. MOGLI says:

    @crackgrrl: hehehe,,,you are being too pessimistic there! if you go to Rakotozafy’s blog, you would see his genius 7 month-old daughter. ha det! 😉

  5. emma says:

    Thanks for the links! And this movie sounds really interesting, I might just check it out, thanks for the tip!

  6. MOGLI says:

    @emma: anytime! you’re welcome.

  7. Lian says:

    You’re welcome! And about the black tulips, I really have no idea, but it could be that they made some black ones, (almost) everything is possible nowadays ;). No, I did not know about Emma’s blog, but I will check it out :).

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