Du som är Svensk!

Kan du förklara mig det här vädret??? Ja, det suger big time!!!

It is supposed to be sommar, eller hur? What happened to the sol? Säg inte att det är redan autumn, for it does feel like autumn.

The plants and trees here in Sweden must be going crazy. They probably get confused, too. Imagine if you were a tree, you have no friggin idea when to shed your leaves or when to bloom.

Sometimes you get winter, spring, summer and fall. All in a single day. How najs is that?

For someone like me, who came from a country with only two seasons, that is, regn for half a year and sol for the remaining half, it makes sense to me now, why the average swede cares so much about the weather. Before coming to Sverige, weather did not matter to me. I never checked the prognosis on the paper or tv. Back home, I knew what weather to expect in a given time of the year. Here, I should check the weather the night before so that I would know what to wear the next day. Well not, really everyday but at least doing so saves me from the discomfort of not wearing the proper apparel.

Like the other day, I went out in the morning wearing shorts, a t-shirt and a pair of “tsinelas.”  It was really warm and I was actually sweating after a ten minutes walk to work. Then in the afternoon when I was going home, it was suddenly 15 degrees C!  So to keep myself warm, I ran like hell and reached my place in record time, but in the process, the strap of my left tsinelas snapped.

It was my favourite pair of footwear which I brought from home. Now it is useless.

Damn swedish weather!

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7 Responses to Du som är Svensk!

  1. Yes it sucks right now! But don’t you think the unpredictability has a certain charm? I do, one would not appreciate the good (=sunny) days as much if those rainy days didn’t come in between…You would make me (and hopefully many others…) happy if you had a look at the good blog…

  2. Batbaby says:

    Haha, i like the change in language in between the sentences, good job.

  3. Absolutely agree with you here on the Swedish weather. My country also has two seasons – (i) hot and wet or (ii) hot and very wet – I’m not talking about the Singapore girls. I would say because of the friggin Swedish weather that I got so interested in clothes. I literally froze the first 2 years I got here. Cheryl

  4. MOGLI says:

    @Cheryl: LOLs @ your description of Singapore chics! Now I’m intrigued…

  5. Max says:

    YUh yeah, den här sommarn sög somf an! Men du skulle varit här 2004 o 2005 8nåt sånt…) de va två asfina somrar på raken! Soligt typ hela tiden, man kunde faktiskt bada i vattnet i längre än 5 minuter utan å få lunginflammation! Synd att du skulle komma till Sverige detta år…:P Bra blogg förresten, fortsätt så!

  6. mogLi says:

    @Max: Jag var här då (2004,2005)! Riktigt fantastikt sommar! Var i öarna (utanför Saltholmen i Götet) nästan varje dag! Det var faktiskt väldigt varmt sommar. Hoppas nästa år blir bätter en i fjöl. Tack, förresten för att du gillar min blog. Har du en blogg så kan jag länka dig.

  7. Max says:

    Nej jag har ingen blogg, jag läser bara bloggar :p… Göteborg och öarna där är härliga på sommarn :p jag hoppas också de

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