Sex Sells…som fan!

No shit. Sex really sells.

No wonder 414 MetroBloggen users listed their blogs in the “Sex och Kärlek” category. Assuming that the total unique bloggers here equals the number in the “Allmänt” category which at the moment numbers 866 users, then almost half of us have tagged our blogs to be also oozing with Sex and Love. (Ok, some users probably have more than one blog and that complicates our assumption, but for simplicity’s sake it is safe to assume that 50% of all blogs here are also listed in the Sex and Love category.)

Our very own glamour princess’ blog however, is conspicuously absent in the Sex and Love category. I wonder why. If you look at her blog’s mast, you will see a limousine, rose petals, diamonds and champagne (and a barbie doll?). Except for the doll (depending on how sick you are in the head), the first three articles have definitely something to do with SEX. Well just her front page picture is oozing with sex. Sex appeal, I mean. No offense meant, ok? Please take that as a compliment, my dear princess! Well you definitely look like that Barbie doll my little sister used to play with. And I have always fancied to be Barbie’s Ken.


Anyway, going back to blogs in Sex and Love, the funny thing is that very few blogs in this category actually have entries about the subject. For example, the closest thing Konsumbloggen (the number one blog in the Sex and Love category) wrote about sex is an entry about a father looking for a tampoon for his daughter. 

Well maybe most of the blogs in this category plan to have entries about sex and love in the future. Just like my blog. I promise, my next entry would be about SEX! Or the lack of it…as you shall see.    

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2 Responses to Sex Sells…som fan!

  1. Två Blåa Ögon says:

    Du har ju alldeles rätt, kategoriseringen är rätt pantad. Vore bättre att inte ha någon sådan för bloggarna utan i stället låta folk välja (en) kategori för varje inlägg. Detta borde sedan naturligtvis granskas så det stämmer iaf hyfsat… Men det kanske kommer, Metrobloggen är ju i sin linda…

  2. Lång Blonde Hår says:

    ^exakt, typ, tags för varje inlägg!

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